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Song Tian's Farm and His Daily Life
Author :OrzDemonic
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2 Buying The Land

The night comes and Song Tian uncle arrived with two young women which similar features but different hairs.

One with Longer hair which looks refined are the older of the twins. She is Zhu Yan while beside here there is another young woman similar to her but looked tomboyish with short hair and she is younger ones called Zhu Rong.

After stepped out from the car with their dad, they are greeted with song families.

"Brother Tian, i already cleared the last floor of dungeon. You promise to train with me if i cleared this game hehe" Zhu Rong said while pouncing her cousin arms.

"Xiao Rong, we just arrived. Calm down" Laughed Zhu Yan looking at her sister energetic face.

Looking at his daughter, Zhu Jiang smiled while shook his head.

"Uncle Jiang, the dinner is ready. Let's come inside" Song Tian greeting his uncle and said to his cousin while laughed "Oh, you already cleared that dungeon? Nice, i will teach you new kick technique later".

"Xiao Yan, i already got the book you're looking for. I already buy it and download it. It is interesting, i will email it to you now".

The twin eyes lit up and said "Thank you brother" at the same times while pouncing holding left and right hands of Song Tian.

After dinner, all families sitting on the living room. Zhu Jiang said "Xiao Tian, let's talk about the land. I can lowering the price for you. What are you planning with your farm?".

"What farm? Why i didn't heard about that?" Said the woman looked like in her twenties. She resembled Song Chen with her sharp yellow eyes, she is beautiful with long hair.

She is Song Xue, Song Tian older sister. She had no idea what their family talking about because she just woke up from staying all night from her work since her assistant took a vacation.

Looking at her older sister who just woke up, Song Tian explained everything and Song Xue eyes widened "What? Xiao Tian, just work in my company. Why would you even want to start a small farm" she said.

Song Tian refused, she knows when her brother decided on something. No one can say anything about it.

Song Tian also continued "Let's talk about land. Uncle, you don't have to lower the price. I know you're going to give me free. But i would stll pay it. I already know all your trick haha".

Zhu Jiang smiled bitterly "Cough.. You brat, at least you don't have to say that. Fine, i will take it. Let's see the land tomorrow morning".

A day later, Song Tian arrived at the plot of land he's going to buy. The land looks spacious already and it's surrounded by the hill.

Moreover, there is also local market 100 meter away from the lands. After inspecting the lands, his eyes lit up to see there is old small cabin which look like it's taken care of.

But he didn't go over to the cabin yet, he looked at the river behind the cabin and decided to go there.

Walked along the rivers which didn't look too deep and clear water with fish swimming around it, Song Tian suddenly feels relaxed.

Looked like his decision to start the farm is right, also thanks to his uncle this land was bought he though.

After several walking, Song Tian met such breath taking sight. There is such a beautiful waterfall at the end of the river.

He called all his families to the waterfall area. His little sister and cousins already playing in the near the waterfall.

Song Tian looked at his uncle and said "Uncle, i didn't expect this land to be so beautiful. I feel bad for taking it from you with such cheap price".

Zhu Jiang laughed at his nephew "Why would you feel bad, just take it. It is beautiful here, no wonder that old man would still rent it even i raised the price".

"Who is the previous owner? I heard he already passed away" Song Tian asked.

"He is old hermit, i don't really know his full name. But many people call his name Master Su" Zhu Jiang said.

After that, Song Tian goes straight to the cabin with the keys his uncle gave and entered.

The small cabin surprisingly clean and even had furniture on it intact. There is small kitchen with dining table enough for two people.

After he walked further, there is 3 door in front of him.

On the left door is the bathroom and toilet, on the center door it leads to back of his cabin and several meter away from river. "Wow, this is such a nice place to sit and relax".

Finally, he opened the right door and looked at clean bedroom but startled to see golden light which seems to seep out from drawer beside the bed.

Song Tian rubbed his eyes to see if he's hallucinating or not, but it's still glowing. He walk closer to the drawer and open it to see what inside.

Looking at the glow thing inside the drawer, he pick it up "It's not light? I though my cousin were pranking on me?".

After taking a closer look Song Tian startled to see the glowing thing is book. He Decided to open it and suddenly he see the golden light jump straight at him at high speed which he can't even dodge and startled by seeing the book disappear from his hands.

"What the.. What is that?" Song Tiang become panic at looking at his left and right to see what's wrong and suddenly he feels dizzy.

Just as Song Tian calmed dong after odd thing happens to him, gentle voice of woman rang inside his head.

"Soul Bind activated" Startled when he suddenly heard the voice inside his head Song Tian said "Who are you? Why is your voice inside my head?".

"Calm down master, the system just activated the soul bind. Don't worry, it won't harm your body" the Woman said.

"Soul Bind? System? Do you think it's fantasy novel? Who are you? I read a lot of novels too, there's no way system would sounds like you" Song Tian said.

The woman inside his head silent for a moment and sigh could be heard "Master, why are you comparing the system on the novels with me".

After that, the woman continue "For now all i can is that you are fated with me. If someone not fated, they can't even see the glowing book in the first place".

Song Tian keep pondering for a while and said "If you're system, should i call you system? Or do you have a name?"

"I don't have name master, you can name me as you wish but don't give stupid name okay" the woman said. Song Tian rubbed his head while thinking hard he said "Fine, your surname will be same with me Song and your name will be Song Yi".

After giving the name to system inside his head he felt his body feel light and relaxed and Song Yi said excitedly "Thank you for the name master, our soul bond are stronger now since you are giving me a name".

"Your soul become stronger and you feels the lightness in your body, that is the sign of it" Song Yi said.

After two of them chatted several minutes It's already evening and Song Tian with his families back to his home.

Song Tian also straight away goes into his room because there is still a lot of things he want to ask to Song Yi and after closing the door, Song Tian asked "Xiao Yi, since you are system. Is there any quest i can complete? And what kind of reward i expect to get?".

"After looking through your memories, i know you want to start a small farm. Don't worry master, the reward will be related to your farming work and i'm not going to say it because it's going to take away the fun on completing it hehe" Song Yi giggled.

Song Tian speechless after hearing that and said "Fine, let's just do as you arrange. Anyway, is there any level stats window so i can look my own and other people stats?". "There is, but it's going to be available after you reach level 2. For now, you can start the quest tomorrow" Song Yi answered.

At dinner table Song Chen looked at his son which look more energized, "You seems excited, i hope you're not going to stop halfway no matter what happens".

"Of course father, don't worry. You will see it later hehehe" Song Tian said while scooped his food. "Eat first! After that you guys can talk" Zhu Mei scolded both Father and Son.

After the dinner finished, the families gather at living room to continue the conversation left.

"Xiao Tian, now you already have the land. What are you planning after that?" Song Xue asked her little brother.

"I want to remake the whole cabin, making it slightly bigger. Fatty Wang's father is big boss in the construction right? So it must be simple task for them to rebuild the cabin" Song Tian answered.

"So you already had planned that and here i though i can help you get the connection" Song Xue sighed.

Song Xue is the oldest in the Song Siblings and also really doted on her younger sibling. Seeing that her little brother didn't even need the help from her she somewhat feel lost on it.

Seeing his older sister seems sad, Song Tian trying to console her "Don't worry sister, if i ever need help i'll just call you straight away. Don't feel sad, i'll buy you your favorite ice cream".

Song Xue didn't seems to feels sad anymore and said "Fine, but why i feel like you're trying to console a little kid". Song Xia also chimmed in "Brother, i also want ice cream!".

Song Tian smiled and said "Xiao Xia, why are you always quick when it comes to ice cream?" Laughed and Song Tian took his phone to order enough ice cream for his families.

5AM in the morning, Song Tian wake up and Song Yi greet him "Good morning master. Would you like to see your first quest?".

"Yes, i want to see it straight away. Xiao Yi, show me the quest. I'm too excited right now" Song Tian said.

He just woke up in the morning and he already feels energized, because the first quest ever in his life about to appear.

A scroll suddenly appear in front of him and when it opened, there is quest written on it.

"Xiao Yi, why is this looked like scrolls on the old RPG game?" Song Tian asked.

"It's the default theme, master can change it. Currently, there is 3 theme available. Classic (Current one), Modern, Sci-Fi" Song Yi answered.

Song Tian shook his head while saying "It even had theme it, alright i'll just use this one as it looks old school".

After that, he glanced at the scrolls and look at quest written on it.

"First Quest : The Way of The Hoe"

"Requirement : Tilt a soil with a hoe 5 hours straight without rest for one week. If master were to skip a day after day one, the quest will reset from zero."

"PS: There is no requirement, so don't worry about that master hehe"

"Reward : Basic Hoe, Basic Watering Can and additional stuff".


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