Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
42 Chapter 42: Off Him
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Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
Author :YumimochiX
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42 Chapter 42: Off Him

@@"You!" Big Mama Banshee bellowed with rage.

It swiped for my head with as many of its spindly legs, intent on decapitating me.

I ducked and dashed around its attacks, firing rounds of bullets in retaliation.

Now that I was back in the fighting arena, Colin had turned his focus on our defenses whilst I continued to tear down Big Mama Banshee with piercing rounds.

"I've never been defied! I'll eat your head!" Big Mama Banshee wailed.

"Try it, Blindy." I threw back an insult.

I got a fix on its last set of working eyes. Rushed forward firing rounds and dashed around its rearing form.

My shots struck with critical hits.

The banshee shrilled with pain rather than conceit this time around. It let out choking cries of disbelief.

"How? They said Famine was nothing! NOTHING!" The banshee's legs spasm erratically.

It stumbled, clumsily, about the ground. The bidea bind, Colin had cast around its body, stopped its movements.

He stamped out the living chi of the last banshee child in front of Big Mama Banshee.

I coolly approached the recoiling spider.

"Nothing? Everything comes to null. Eventually." I fired bullet rounds that stilled the critter permanently.

The lair assumed a restful silence.

Colin dropped to his knees with exhaustion. He lifted his head with an expression of laughter on his flushed face and flashed me a winner's grin.

I handed back his guns and flashed him a swooping scissors hand gesture near my chest that motivated him to stand towards me.

"Yeah, that makes us two idiots." He signed back and slapped my shoulder.

His guns had returned to their inactive state in his side holsters. He assumed the task of clearing the web gunk that blocked our exit.

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    《Seriphyn Knight Chronicles》