Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
30 Chapter 30: Cloak BL
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Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
Author :YumimochiX
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30 Chapter 30: Cloak BL

"ARGH!" Leinard cried out with pain that caused him to drop to his knees before me.

His colonel cap had fallen off. The wound on his hand was oozing blood through his gloves with scabs crusted over the exposed areas, and his other hand was bloodstained. His eyes were swollen red and teary.

"Fam... pock..." He struggled to speak, but I understood what he was asking of me.

I fished through his pant pockets and pulled out a vial of clear liquid that I pressed into his undamaged hand, but it was trembling too much to hold the vial steady.

"I'll do it." I took the vial and administered the drops to his weepy eyes.

A vanilla and citrus aroma stirred up my senses as I knelt over him. I ran my fingers through his fine, sleek and soft, brown hair that was trimmed short in a layered crop. Concerns mingled with feelings of longing provoked more of my touches to his body.

I carefully pried off his dirtied gloves, licked the wounds around his gray eyes, and on his hand, tasting his salted tears and the iron of his blood. My tongue lapped up the tears that streaked his clean-shaven cheeks and those that had trailed down the sides of his neck. The vanilla-citrus scent was driving me crazy for him.

"Famine." He calmly spoke my name.

I pressed my mouth to his lips to savor the next words he was about to say. A delicious warmth surged through my body as his mouth opened to mine and our tongues intertwined.

Gentle, warm green light embraced our bodies. I became mellow in Leinard's arms as he pressed his kisses deeper and his arms embraced me with a fierce strength. I was weakening as his strength increased, but I didn't want to let go. I felt I couldn't.

Leinard pulled away when he realised what was happening to me.

"You say you have no magic, yet." His words tumbled out as he gathered his breath back.

When I looked upon him, I saw that the wounds on his hand and eyes were gone like they never existed. He slowly rose to his feet and straightened his uniform.

"I understand now. Gat Shiem was protecting you," he muttered to himself.

"Everything okay?" Small Cap poked his head out with concern.

Leinard picked up his cap and dusted it off.

"Everything is fine now, thank you," he said with a warm smile.

He planted a kiss to my forehead before resetting his colonel's cap to his head. "We have to leave this room. Staying too long will be dangerous."

I sighed deeply and closed my eyes to center my balance with a few deep breaths.

"Okay, let's go." I opened my eyes feeling ready to go.

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    《Seriphyn Knight Chronicles》