Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
29 Chapter 29: Arima Trap
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Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
Author :YumimochiX
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29 Chapter 29: Arima Trap

He stared at his reflection in the mirror and called out Trix's true name.

He pulled out a dagger that was sheathed in a part of his boot, cut his finger and smeared his blood to the mirror.

Dagger sheathed, he then dipped the same finger into the hot wax and mixed it with the smeared blood before it had cooled, calling out Trix's true name at the same time.

My heart pounded ferociously when I saw the mirror ripple as still water would when a pebble had been cast into it.

Leinard gripped my hand tight when he called out Trix's true name again.

My heart almost stopped when the mirror's surface became still, and I saw the room we were in but in the condition of the time before we had been pulled into the trap.

"Trix!" I exhaled his name with hope when I saw his face looking around the mirror.

Leinard placed his hand onto the mirror's surface, which revealed our presence to the other side.

Trix was saying something, but we couldn't hear his voice and his mouth was moving too fast to make sense of his speech.

War came up behind him and pushed himself into view, ignoring Trix's frown.

He randomly moved his hands around the air. After a moment, I realised it was with purpose.

"Will War still see me if I let go of your hand?" I thought.

"No," Leinard answered.

"Okay, let me fiddle around with your free hand."

Leinard looked at me perplexed.

"Trust me."

He sighed and let me do as I liked.

I began to sign language our predicament to War. Using the hand Leinard had pressed to the mirror to compensate for the one I couldn't use. It was a clumsy process, but did the trick.

"War said that they heard the commotion but couldn't see where we were but heard glass being scratched then saw our faces in the mirror," I updated Leinard in thought.

"Can you tell him to tell Trix to look up the Arima Trap Release spell in the Light Grimoire?" Leinard asked which I signed with my best ability to War who was telling Trix at the same time.

I figured Trix had understood my message because he gave us the thumbs up and left our view.

Wailing and gnashing sounds sent creepy shivers down my back.

I gulped at the sight of hollowed eye ghosts of people with sinister auras. They were climbing out of the other mirrors to enter the room. Their presence was causing the temperature to drop to freezing.

"Um, Colonel, we have visitors." My teeth were chattering too much to say words out loud.

The stench of over sweetened fudge balled up my senses and sent my stomach churning with a year's worth of vomit.

An icy chill numbed the part of my body a ghost's skeletal hand reached for. I was petrified by the sight of it.

"Eskatzen dizut!" Leinard bellowed at the ghost to vanquish it.

He smashed the mirror to break the reflection, grabbed the candle off the holder and forced my body into a run around the room to dodge the oncoming ghost hoard and their creepy hands.

"Dezagun argia!" He released another spell that caused two balls of white light to appear before us and light the way, front and back, as we escaped the room.

We dodged the ghost attackers through the darkened hallway, past the main sitting area and through the library foyer that was almost obscured in darkness.

I yelped at the icy creeps I felt to my skin every time a ghost hand tried to cop a feel of my body. Their hands would disappear as soon as they reached the light.

Our flight took us through the library door, and through another on one side of the balcony floor.

We sprinted up spiraling stairs and alighted to an open rooftop.

I noticed our destination was for the circular third eye cakra symbol, which was painted on the ground to one corner. It was large enough to smash a whole wall down.

We stopped at the center of the cakra symbol.

I was given an order to stand silent and still. Leinard pocketed the candle then cupped his bleeding hands in a position of prayer and closed his eyes.

"Close your eyes and don't open them until I say."

I closed my eyes and heard his voice shout out a spell, which I recognized was from the time we escaped the juxtapositioner's lair.

I gasped when I felt heat stroke my skin and a sensation of silk wrap my body, so I could barely breathe. There was a moment of silence before I felt myself being torn apart and then rebuilt in a matter of seconds.

"Open your eyes."

I blinked in a semi-lit room that had no furniture and was no bigger than a cloakroom.

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    《Seriphyn Knight Chronicles》