Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
5 Chapter 5: Small Cap, Freend and Weird Room Jester
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Seriphyn Knight Chronicles
Author :YumimochiX
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5 Chapter 5: Small Cap, Freend and Weird Room Jester

I experienced an uncanny dream that felt vividly real. In the dream, I was staring at part of my face from Small Cap's eyes, but with a third person voice perspective. Almost like I was reading pages from a novel.

---[One of Small Cap's spindly legs checked the soft flesh of the two-legged creature sprawled, lifeless, on the wet ground they had been dumped on by a scary tree-two-legs in black.

He didn't like two-leg creatures, preferring to stay clear from them. However, this two-leg had spent time nursing him back to health from an injury with all his favorite foods. He treated him nicely. This two-legs was Freend.

"Is Freend okay?" He rubbed his forelegs worryingly.

"Wake up." The tip of his leg pushed as hard as it could against Freend's cheek.

He couldn't see his face clearly, but felt his thin fur was warm.

"Alive, good."

He looked around the place they were in, trying his hardest to take stock of their location. Shining blue floors and walls shimmering with weird patterns of rainbow light were the only aspects he could see. They gave him a not-real feeling.

A low drone, vibrations and a sensation of shifting stone made the hair on his back prick up with fear.

"Place not good for Freend and me." Small Cap concluded. "Must get out. Get safe."

He jumped off Freend's face to hunt for an exit.]]

"Small Cap!" The spider's name came out of my mouth upon waking.

I opened my eyes and paused for breath. I saw the same blue floors Small Cap had seen in my dream. I sat up and saw that I was surrounded by the same weird walls.

"Not a dream." I concluded.

Yet if I had been looking through Small Cap's eyes, why the third person perspective?

Was it an observation from another person, and I happened to tap into their mind?

What was this place? Where was Small Cap? More importantly, where was Pesti?

My body tingled from the floor's vibrations. I blinked back intense light from the shimmering walls.

A belly grumble roared throughout the room. Followed by an overpowering din of chattering voices.

"Bring down thy curtain of eternal night!" Boomed a voice with deep baritones.

"Save us!" Pleaded the voices of children.

---[Many voices chanted and reverberated continuously around the poor boy's ears, who struggled to keep a hold of his senses and sanity.

As a freshly dipped ink pen was pressed to a blank page of an open book, a revelation was being made. Famine encountered the Narrator in all his splendor and majestic glory.

"What the hell?" His exasperation heated the back of his hand, which covered his mouth.

The boy gazed on, in awe.]]

"Stop it! As if!" I cursed at the creature parading before me.

It was fashioned in a black and red costume of a court jester with silver bells dangling off its fool's hat. There was definitely nothing funny about the pair of bulging blue eyes set within a painted white face and its red mouth stretched wide, so the corners almost touched the ends of its floppy ears. A blue book hovered before it.

---[Alas, the Narrator could not savor a fine meal this time. Already the stomping boots were on his doorstep, the calamitous voices and rapid piercing noises were focused on breaking down his door.

"This is where I say goodnight Famine," he said.]]

The court jester opened his book to call upon a third eye cakra symbol. He disappeared through the black hole the symbol had made. The hole vanished.

"Ugh!" I screamed as the room quaked with a serious threat of caving in on me.

Streams of natural light broke through falling debris. Silhouettes of rushing men entered the room.

Something went _woosh_ past my ears.

I felt stinging pain to the side of my neck to render me unconscious, again.

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    《Seriphyn Knight Chronicles》