Self-Created System
40 Another day at Mansion
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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40 Another day at Mansion

I don't know how to deal with Sect Members, especially the managing members. They carry a lot of weight in the nation. I can't keep them in prison for long, neither can I allow them to grow more inside the nation. A few of the new prisoners also can't be imprisoned for long. Many of them have a good relationship with other nations. Thinking about it will not do any good, so I left for Mansion to consult with the Clan Master.

I sent a message of my arrival to Clan Master to discuss a few things. Clan Head was also expecting a meeting with me for the previous matter he mentioned.

I teased him knowingly about his frustrating situation "How have you been Clan Master these days?". I clearly remember matters of fraud and conspiracy he wrote previously. Well, I can't help myself. I got familiar with only a few people, Clan Head and Teresa Clint. Others are just like an acquaintance. Teresa Clint follows me all the time nowadays so we are quite familiar with each other. And Clan Master and I have spoken a lot, so it kinda situation like this. Clan Master replied humorously "Kid from the past, has learned how to taunt the elders. Ahahah!". We sat and started to discussed after exchanging a few pleasantries.

I first started with the prisoners who are relative to High Position Holders. He suggested me to free them by charging heavy EC(short for Empire Credits) as a penalty. If they repeat, raise the penalty again. Nothing can be done about it permanently without violence.

Next, I asked what to do with those sectors as I already have seized their sector. Disciple can be turned into military forces and professional apprentice. As for sector management board and faculties, we have to find ways to make them carry out missions to train their old disciples using the unions I have established and not let them have free time for now. Slowly, they will get used to it and Sectors will become things of the past.

As for low-class occupations, we came on the conclusion to divide it into three classes - upper, middle and lower class. Upper-Class Occupations include the occupation that only a cultivator can carry out, like Alchemy, Articat Crafting, etc. MIddle-Class Occupations includes occupations that are carried out by both cultivators and non-cultivators, like Merchant, Messenger, Transport, etc. Lower-Class Occupations includes occupations that mostly carried out by non-cultivators, like farming, fisherman, artisan, woodworking.

Next Clan Master asked me to lay-low or go somewhere and let the situation calm down. News has been repeatedly spread by spies and other influences about me. I also thought of this matter and decided to first arrange everything for the Palace and then visit ancestral land and after that disappear from everyone's eyes to my secret base for a long period of time. Even Clan Master had no idea what changes have been done to my private islands.

As for the matter of fraud and conspiracy, I gave my opinion not to alert them, just observe them. If there is some certain line they cross they shouldn't have, dealing with them using the third party would be best for now. Matters regarding the huge boost in intelligence can't be spread to beat future enemies in their own game.

Lastly the matter of real-time communication with our spies outside the empire. Well, I assured Clan Master the next time I appear before him, I will surely have a solution. For now, it's only a possibility.

In the end, it was also decided to set up a Credit Exchange policy from only one side, from nation contribution to empire credits, and it will not be a fixed value but will change according to the current market stocks. This is what I and Clan Master have come up with. Doing this will provide any citizen of my nation with a chance to earn empire credits.


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