Self-Created System
38 End of Military Law? Nope!
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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38 End of Military Law? Nope!

Since the 3-month reformation plan is over, many Palace Offical were thinking that the Military Law will be removed. But I wasn't planning for it because of many reasons, firstly I have become a hot topic throughout the continent and possibly on other continents as well. Secondly, though I planned and improved skill and the basic foundation of citizens, I never dealt with business organizations and market troubles. Also, the clan head offered to hold off other households for 3 months only. So, I am pretty much in trouble again. Since I have mines to sustain my finances, I will let the military remain and open the Palace territories for business and other households. With such a huge army, I can always solve any problem as it comes to light.

Well, it might be time to introduce visitors token as I already have made it available for every citizen.

Let's do it like this, all visitors are divided into different classes. Classes should be like Business, Non-business, and Guests. Also, there should be a standard scale of business. Their destination, purpose, and duration of stay. At the checkpoints, they can exchange their money or other resources to be converted into credits.

If I were to make it mandatory for carrying out any business transaction with tokens. Also, since they are here for business, let's get our cut from business transactions by taking away 5%, 2% and 1% of every huge, medium and small transaction and in return, we will provide some basic safety, contracts, etc.

Alright, the next matter is of Business organization. Well, I don't want them to gain too much power in my territory so I should make them do business inside my territory but none of them should own land property. They have to pay rent and I should throw some tempting discount in exchange for our supervision over their business records.

Well, It seems that it is time for improvement in the token to add visitors. While we are at it, let's update all the token with the credit point and other features. No need to carry money inside the territories.

Also, there is a need for the establishment of the court in every city for business and non-business settlements of conflicts. Alright, I don't have to all these by myself. All branch house is for what? Let's have them work again. I ordered to carry out the tasks and provided a new design for visitors token.

Guess what left to handle now are sector members, low-class occupations and its development, and new and old prisoners. After that let's find some time to visit ancestral lands.
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    《Self-Created System》