Self-Created System
37 Becoming Hot Topic again
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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37 Becoming Hot Topic again

Clan Head was also busy supervising the communication channel set up throughout the territories. With all the records and information coming daily, he didn't have time to care for minor matters. Through the new records and information, he uncovered many small and large scale conspiracy, money and resources embezzlement cases. Also, there were many cases of false records. The records from all the new desks spread throughout the territories were now available at hand in an organized fashion. The results weren't adding up.

Clan Head was having a headache over this matter and a few others like how to keep up with all information and how to come with permanent solutions. Also, there is a matter of foreign news collection. Then Clan Head asked me to figure out a way to solve these matters and also establish communication with the spies sent to other territories. As always, Clan Head offered contribution befitting the solutions. He also added a Heaven Soul High Stage cultivator with spirit contract on top of that, for every problem I solve.

Lately, I have caused quite a trouble for him, able to cultivate again, jumping back to Spirit Cultivation Stage 5, merging with top-grade flame, becoming Grand Master Artificer, promoting to the Palace Master position, and the military law and reformation plans. You name it, I have become quite a hot topic lately. The only way to overcome the situation is by having the latest information at hand and sufficient strength. I have been improving crating techniques recently and spent less time on cultivation regularly.

My qi and soul cultivation base has reached Nascent Soul Stage 7 Peak while body cultivation has reached Earth Soul 2 Stage. I would have been an Earth Soul Stage cultivator if I have not been indulged in crafting and management of Agnaar Island and Kai Palace. Also, I have trouble with the fact that I have not been able to sense any increase in affinity towards space law or the unknown environment. It was supposed to increase while entering Nascent Soul Stage, guess I have to wait for next stage jump and see what happens.

Ancestor Baashir sent me a copy of the crating technique for "Spirit Jade Artifact". This spirit jade is capable of transmitting stored knowledge directly to the soul. Clan ancestors use these spirit jade as a secure way to pass on techniques and messages. I was able to craft Low Earth Grade Spirit Jade on my 3rd try. Also, I was granted access to Ancestors Libraries for 2 days a month and it requires me to go to different Ancestral Lands, but I've not been able too.
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    《Self-Created System》