Self-Created System
36 Improvements in 3 months
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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36 Improvements in 3 months

3 Months have passed since Military Law was applied. People were complaining at the start of the reformation plan because their usual daily chores were interrupted. They were also afraid of new policies. But gradually seeing improvement all around, things became accepted normally.

Taking note of time, two weeks ago, I issued a new command to have all orphan to be moved into various Kai Palace Properties. There, they will be trained to become various management officers and military soldiers for the Kai Palace.

Now that the reformation course has gone through, many changes have occurred. New unions of the profession have set up, sectors and personal organization except business have now brought under Kai Palace. Sectors are turned into education centers for unions for running courses of different professions.

All disciples are removed and a new Cultivator Union for cultivators has also been set up to make up for the sectors jobs. It functions similar to professions unions. To provide cultivators a cultivation chamber, in every city, new array protected chambers have been set up that are available with contribution credits of Kai Palace or Ling Clan.

Unions have been set up for various professions in every city and town. People can issue missions, receive missions and submit their missions using these unions. The remaining works like servant, guards and related works that have not been classified as Professions have been handled by R-n-D Union which I set up for uncategorized professions. In the future, this union will be responsible for setting up unions of new kinds after observations over a period of time.

New laws are based on the contribution system. Clan Position holders have no extra authority than citizens inside Palace territories. Palace Army multiplied many folds. Every city has its own local army now aside from the reserve Kai Palace Army.

For the Angaar island, Prisoners were declared dead and then transported every week in secret. So far, there have been 100 prisoners per week, making it 1200 till now. All young and adult, no old bones. I was surprised by the fact that 40% of the prisoners were female. They were mostly spies, working as a maid and were found out. There were few demi-humans too. So, even other continents are involved in spying. Quite a feat they pulled off, as the distance between both the other continents is not small.

A new city has been set up in the fashion of new Kai Palace Cities on Angaar Island. A new Angaar Palace is under construction now. I designed the Palace the help of the system considering the future development of the island and experiments I likely to try out in the future.

I have been busy lately in creating new artifacts for the prisoners. As I can't rely on them completely to consume spirit stones, special herbs or other resources in the mines. I developed new Hand Cuffs which are quite amazing, everything which comes under one-meter radius with energy radiation listed in the system databases is forcefully moved to storage space in the cuffs. These cuffs can only be opened fully by me, and prisoners are able to store tools, food, water, clothes, etc. in small space made available to them. I have also crafted "Searching Orbs" which are able to fly and can scan all kinds of things, report back to the system, then the system updates the databases of known materials, and hence prisoners get nothing useful out of the mines.
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    《Self-Created System》