Self-Created System
35 Angaar Island
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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35 Angaar Island

The next day, Teresa and I arrived near the islands in 6 hours. After examining the islands, we concluded that these 8 islands were really barren and not more than 50 people were living there. These people were most likely fugitives. Like Ancestor said that it was really a deserted area for years because of the poor environment from the ashes and wastes from mineral ores. Any low-level cultivator won't survive here if stayed for long. 6 out of 8 islands have humid climate mixed with ashes and the remaining two were further away in the sea and were covered in ice.

We felt it is necessary to set up for array formations. But I was running low on spirit stones and these islands need to be protected by top-grade Arrays if I want to establish my private base here.

After looking through all the data, I concluded that I can share the Ling Clan Variation techniques to solve the spirit problems and may have some miners also. If I were to share these techniques with Clan Head, then the Array Master we require, we might get it, but it will better to go through Ancestor Baashir. The army definitely will benefit from these cultivation techniques and Ancestor's reward will definitely be better than Clan Head's.

I wrote down the Cultivation Techniques "Saint Ling Blood Variation 2 and 102" on paper and passed it on to Guardian Teresa.

[Ling Tian: Teresa, arrange for a private meeting with Ancestor Baashir and share these two cultivation techniques with him. If he asks where did it came from, say that I had few insights. And if he asks for what reward I want for it, then mention Top-grade Arrays and Minner Worker requirements for the development of my private base on these islands. Say that any number of workers will be fine, and best would be death rows prisoners. I don't want people who came here return to the clan later, I want to build my private base here separate from Kai Palace.]

[Teresa Clint: Yes, Young Master.]


After two days, Ancestor sent a small team of Array Grand Masters and King Masters to set up the arrays. When the Masters came, they suggested to first merge the islands into one and then set up the array. I was quite delighted by hearing the news. At first, I had not thought of such a possibility but thinking for a while of all strange things of this world, I begin to release that my imagination is quite lacking on the matters.


It took them around a month to plan and merge the islands into one and setting up the arrays on this new island. These formations are capable of facing the full attack of True Soul Stage 7. The arrays allow us to form a protective barrier and the density of spirit energy flow inside the island will increase with time. They were very careful in moving the spirit veins and mines during the process. After their work was done and left, I named this new merged island "Angaar Island". This merged island is nearly 180 km squares in area.
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    《Self-Created System》