Self-Created System
34 Meetings and Plan Execution
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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34 Meetings and Plan Execution

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Meeting Hall, Kai Palace

After everyone came to the meeting hall, I begin introducing my plans for the Palace Territories. There are currently 23 cities each governed by a branch house of Kai Palace. They have their own family heads. They mainly rule the fortified cities and control over its management. And the Kai PaIace rules over these branch houses, usually by a Grand Elder. Some of the Branch Head proposed to form teams to carry out the tasks. After discussing over for three hours, it was decided to have two teams of people: the main and support team for every phase, one to carry out the plan and others to support the main team.

One Day was divided into 6 rotation of each 4 hours. For the first phase of my plan, every citizen has to follow the reformation for 3 rotation each day. The military will guide in building body foundation during these 3 rotations. Three rotation of a day will be free for them to relax and do anything. Every Branch House will provide food, water, cloth and medical treatment to the citizens for these 3 months.

The second phase will start with after 1 month, during this phase the main team will be educating people literacy in two rotation a day, and a crash course in every occupation in another one. Like the previous phase, three rotations of the day will be free time. The second team will be supporting in registration and token issue to every citizen. These token are of Nascent Low grades provide by Branch House itself built on my designs. They will also be introduced to the new law and management system of the Palace.

The third phase will start next month. It will be more focused on skill improvement and the main team will guide in an apprentice-level crash course. This crash course will be free. The support team will be setting up different unions of each occupation all over the Palace Territories. This Union will be responsible for providing jobs in the mission-based system and its management. Branch House will be running these Unions, and Kai Palace will only step in for surveillance and judgments. Also, every mission will be paid with Palace credits which further allow people access to Palace resources like Library, Ores, Weapons, Artifacts, Pills, etc. from the corresponding unions.

In the future, these Unions will collaborate with Clan Associations and provide library, certification, more jobs. And for education, the Union will provide lessons to the citizen for a standard fee, organized on a regular interval of time.

After arranging everything for plan execution and adding a few back-ups plans in place, I decided that it's time to look into the matters of private islands.
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    《Self-Created System》