Self-Created System
33 3 Month Reformation Plan
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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33 3 Month Reformation Plan

[Ling Tian: Alright, with money and system, I can definitely solve the problems within 3 months.]

[Ling Tian: System, I want to Rule Like a Monarch. Create two Projects - one for strengthening the foundation of every citizens, increasing their performance withing three months, and second is for New Governing System. This government system will be missions type, and government will have Unions in every fields of Occupations, both majors and minors. Use Credits to replace money and spirit stones as currency.]

[System: 2 Projects created.]

[System: Project One completed. Report:

1st Month - Strengthening Body Foundation - Use the hired army to train the every citizen above age 12 to train basic defense and body build up. Divide the training in 4 session a day for them to participate adjusting to daily chores. Use the already trained person to carry out different tasks for next stage. Setup missions for alchemist tasked in curing the patients.

2nd Month - Basis Literacy and Laws - Setup missions to make them literate and educate the new laws clearly. Use the remaining literate person to carry out different tasks for next stage.

3rd Month - Occupation skill improvements - Setup missions to educate them the basic of every occupations for first 2 weeks. After that, release the vacancies for all occupations and their benefits.

Let them decide and let the education mission continue for next 2 weeks for improvement in occupation skills. Use the remaining idle expert to setup Unions and other management facilities in every city, towns and villages for further developments during this month.

Note - Missions should provide both benefits and punishment according to the results. Use these training, educations and missions to offer Credits Points to boost morale and also to let them familiarize with benefits of Credit Points. During this 3 month of time, you have to provide food, water and clothing for high success rate. First month requirement is to hire large amount of army and from second month, own army and newly trained citizen as temporary army replacement can help manage the security until the vacancies are filled.]

I called the butler and handed him the orders according to the report of Project One. Butler was having cold sweat running through his head when he saw the plan , the plan to used hired military to improve self-defense of the citizen. How much trouble it would save in the future. Thinking about it, he froze standing there. Also the plan of improving the quality of performance for whole citizens, imaging the result he started having goosebumps. And few minutes passed, he collected himself together, left to carryout the plans.

I have received the System's notification for the completion of Project Two. But I didn't opened it. After thinking for a while I called the butler again to arrange meeting of Clan Guests and Grand Elders for tomorrow morning and Elders and Guardians for tomorrow afternoon.

Next thing I informed about the 3-month reformation plan to Clan Head and asked for Army and necessary resources to carry out the plan successfully. I also asked to have other household not interfere during these 3 months. Clan Head was very excited after hearing my plan, he gave me assurance that no one will interfere in this matter. And after 6 month of observation, if the reformation passed with certain improvement threshold, he will take measures to ensure the same reformations throughout the Clan territories in phases and all the contribution will be given to me.


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