Self-Created System
32 Working again
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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32 Working again

My days were getting hectic again.

Today, Clan Head had sent a group of 72 Grand Masters to learn the crafting of new artifacts.

[Ling Tian: Alright, everyone I will repeat the blue prints explanation and Artifacts crafting process, according to the contract with Ancestors, a total of 3 times. One time per day. You are only allowed to ask your doubts in last hour of every day. Alright, let's start.]


After 3 days of guiding, I have to say that I have completed the deal. Now, I will have to wait and see how much Clan Head and Association Members expands the network. Well, the task left for me now is Governing the territories and improve cultivation. Alright let's go back to cultivation chamber.


After the completion of 7 days for collecting records all over the territory. Butler and other members have been very busy these days, on the other hand Maid Teresa has been guarding me, its seems like kinda very easy job for her.

I have been practicing Martial Arts these 4 days as I ran out of Spirit Stones. I need time to find workers for personal usage on mining islands.

[Ling Tian: System, bring a brief report on all data collected from desk.]

[System: Kai Palace Territory

Area: 149,234 km²

Islands: 23 + 8(private)

Mountain Range: 2

Mines: 7 + 8(private)

Cities: 15

States: 3

Sectors: 27

Branch: 15

Business Organization: 134

Current Population estimate: 843,708

Death estimate every year: 178,593

Birth estimate every year: 232,645

Clan Position Holders:

Outer Members: 10,245

Inner Members: 684

Core Members: 7

Elders: 745

Grand Elders: 131

Guardians: 8,187

Clan Guests: 54

Registered Cases of Issues increase this year:

Crop failure case: 12%

Poverty increase: 27%

Unemployment Cases: 14%

False Charge cases: 6%

Fraud Case: 11%

Theft Case: 16%

**** case: 36%

Slavery case: 26%

Ransom case: 9%

Murder case: 29%

Property Destruction Case: 2%

Illegal Land Acquisition case: 3%

Miscellaneous Cases: 9% ]

And there goes my care free life. Such a pain in the ass.

[Ling Tian: Alright, sooner or later, I have to deal with all of them. System, start a Project to bring changes - First Step is matter of food water shelter clothing security health. Second Step: Governance and Laws. Third Step: Employment and Future development. Name the Project - Kai Palace Resurrection. Provide me with possible solutions.]

[System: Project Kai Palace Resurrection initiated.]

Just in 3-4 minutes, system completed the projected. I am loving the speed at which System can solve problems for me.


Solution 1: Clean up with existing and modify some laws - Find and remove corrupt officers. Modify few laws, ...


Drawback - Take too much time to have a proper running government.

Solution 2: Rule Like a Monarch - Use money and power of the status to solve the problems. Setup your own management system and laws the way you like it. For temporary governance, get help from the Clan Head and ...


Drawback - Take too much money.]

Well I don't have time or money to invest, but I can get money from the mines and from the book selling. So, solution 2 it is.
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    《Self-Created System》