Self-Created System
31 The News
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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31 The News

We returned to the Clan Head manor's at late night around 1 a.m. Everyone went to rest. Next morning, after having breakfast, I went to Clan Head office to receive the Palace Papers, spirit stones, and new Islands Papers. There were total of 8 islands transferred to me, not as Palace master, but as a Grand Elder. Clan Head has arranged some backups for me by promoting me to Grand Elder position and making those island my private property. Well, it might come in handy someday, who knows what future has stored for me.

Next is the selling price of book, I suggested to simply put the price of the books of Basic Level at 90% of the standard price and for Advance level, I told Clan Head to decide by himself observing the market. I returned to the palace.

After Clan Head announced the ancestors declaring me the Palace Master, news spread quickly like wild fire. Many Grand Elders, Elders and representative of different houses came to congratulate me bearing gifts. I had left butler handle the matters. I entered the cultivation chamber and continued cultivating the chaos body cultivation and forgot about the outside affairs.

Few days passed, only when I stepped into Earth Soul Stage 1 body cultivation, I decided to come out of cultivation chamber. My Qi and Spirit Cultivation have entered Nascent Soul Stage 5 itself. When I waked out of the Chamber, Butler came and reported few things.

[Butler: Master, there was few problems peoples are facing, how should I deal with them?]

AH! Here comes the trouble.

[Ling Tian: Alright, report major issues only for now.]

[Butler: Clan Head had asked for when will you be guiding the association elders?]

[Ling Tian: Alright, have them come tomorrow.]

[Butler: Yes, Master.]


[Butler: Master, there is also some issues regarding Grand Elders, Elders and Clan Guests. They have formed factions, and fighting over ...]

[Ling Tian: Butler, if matter is such that you can't say, then don't bring it up at all, or just say it. I won't eat you.]

[Butler: The issue of them fighting over gaining control over cities and States resources, it have been going on since previous Master left. There has been not any meeting for solving these matter till now. Only Protector Teresa has been able to suppress them with power in the past.]

[Ling Tian: Alright, bring me a copy of every record from every storage house, office, check points, branches, etc. under our Palace for past years after my father left. Have them deliver to my office in a week. This is the new desk for my office, move the previous one to storage house. Here, this is your token to open the desk storage to move the files. This desk is Earth Grade artifact, I don't want it to be stolen and less people should know about it. Arrange for it. During these seven days and until I study the records, and give new orders, apply military law into whichever city have riots and similar problems. Distribute foods and spread news on regular basic to calm the civilians, anybody disagrees, throw them into prison. No need to ask even it is Grand Elder or Clan Guests.]

[Butler: Yes, Master]

[Ling Tian: Alright, if you have trouble with amount of Army, temporarily ask Clan Head to provide for a month. Have the army also paid from our Palace and have them under our control completely for this duration of time. Anything more for now?]

[Butler: Few Business Organization have been also causing trouble, slaves traders the most.]

[Ling Tian: Do the same, apply military law in their places and have army patrol every 3 hours in the region. Military law will continue until I tell you to stop it.]

[Butler: Yes, Master.]
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    《Self-Created System》