Self-Created System
29 Kai Palace Master
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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29 Kai Palace Master

Early next morning.

[Servant 1: Ancestor Baashir would like to meet you in meeting hall.]

[Ling Tian: Sure, lead the way.]

Meeting Hall.

When I arrived many people where sitting in circle around the meeting table. Teresa was standing with other servants and butlers. Many ancestors are sitting along with the Clan Head. Grand Elders from Kai Palace were also there. But distance away from Ancestors at the back.

[Ancestor 1: So, you came, Ling Tian, sit.]

I sit on the chair. then Ancestor Baashir who I have known from previous Ling Tian memory begin to speak.

[Ancestor Baashir: You are now a Grand Master Artificer. The youngest one at that. As the only son of my Brother Talwaar, you have right to be the master of Kai Palace that your father left behind after he ascended. We have come to an agreement that from today on, you will be the Kai Palace Master, masters position cannot be left for empty for long, it's not a good sign.]

Then he passed me Kai Palace Master's Medallion and a space ring. Accepting the Medallion and space ring, I replied.

[Ling Tian: Yes, Ancestor.]

[Ancestor : Alright, the next thing is some general knowledge you must know. This world we live in is called Kadam World, there are other worlds as well with living beings on it. All this group of worlds is collectively known as Inner Realm. The highest cultivation one can have, in this realm, is True Soul Stage. Higher and you will be forced into Outer Realm. Every Clan Household is a major force in the Outer Realm. Your parents are alive and no longer in the Inner Realm. If you wish to know more, other than knowledge of Inner Realm, then first achieve True Soul Stage. Then you can come and ask me.]

[Ling Tian: Sure, Ancestor.]

[Ancestor Baashir: Now, Teresa Clint will be relieved from the managing duty of Kai Palace, and from here on, her only duty is to be your Protector. This is in agreement with your Mother, when she left her behind. Oh! I guess I can tell you this, she is most powerful person currently in the Ling Clan.]

I felt like, what? Teresa is the most powerful person? Then what are you are guys, Group of Old fogies.

After 5 minutes of pause, he spoke again.

[Ancestor Baashir: Next is the matter of your Proposals.]

Gathering my thoughts, I begin to introduce the sample products.

[Ling Tian: I have achieved what I have promised earlier to the Clan Head, here are the sample products. Let me introduce you how it works and then we will look into each artifact one at a time.]


[Ling Tian: Now, that everyone is clear of the products and its working. Let's proceed to the contract part.]

[Ling Tian: I have few contact proposal for you.

First Proposal is I will share the whole blue print and whole crafting process of the Products, in return, I want 5000 high grade stones every month and 1 heaven low grade flame every 3 month for next 3 years.

My second proposal is share the blue prints of the Products, and you can bring me semi-finished product and I do the engraving and finish the product. In return I want 5000 high grade stones every 3 month and 1 heaven low grade flame every 4 month for next 3 years.

Or you all can propose your own, what I want in return are high grade spirit stones and flames.]

Looking at their awestruck faces on, I guess they are having quite amazed with my products and my proposals. Well I need to boost my cultivation as fast I can, and the bomb I dropped about giving up the blue prints, they would have never seen that coming, well I don't wanna work all the time, if people can do half of the work for me, I will be very thankful. Hope they would go for my first proposal.
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    《Self-Created System》