Self-Created System
28 Meeting with the Ancestors
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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28 Meeting with the Ancestors

I arrived at Clan Head office, waited for my call. I had to wait for entire day. It was not a problem for me, I just sat in the waiting room in the meditative state, played some games, then more time passed. Then I kept myself busy with the system. After 6 hours, Clan Head came, along with two Kai palace Grand Elders, and Maid Teresa. I was puzzled for a moment, did I somehow exposed my identity ? Nah, I have made sure that even if Lian Tian's parent will not be able to find the truth. Then only left is my current changes. Quickly, I called out to System.

[Ling Tian: System, create a separate memory of Ling Tian. Fuse Ling Tian(previous) memory and new Ling Tian(me) memory but remove your existence and my existence, create an event of gaining some Ancestor Inheritance from 5000 or more old years back to mask the techniques and others. Also make it so that the complete inheritance has not been revealed. It will reveal itself slowly with the increase in cultivation levels. When someone tries to interfere with my soul of higher than Spirit Tampering Stage 4, make this separate memory available to them. Don't initiate Emergence Protocol 04 to 08. User: Admin Signature: <<>>.]

[System: User: Admin Signature:******** confirmed.]

[System: 1 Task initiated and E.P. 04 -08 turned off until further notice.]

[System: Task completed.]

Finally, I tied up the last loose end. I nearly forgot about it.

[Clan Head: You have to wait for so long, do you know why?]

[Ling Tian: Nope.]

[Clan Head: Alright, lets talk on our way to Southern Ancestral Island. Follow me.]

Everyone followed to Beast Hall and boarded on the Clan Head tamed beast.

The Ancestral Island that Clan Head talked about is border island in the south. There are more Ancestral Island spread in three direction of Ling Clan Borders. Ling Clan Territories is a peninsula land surrounded by sea in 3 directions and the other direction have approx half of land as mountain range. So, Ling Clan has been well protected. That mountain range is known as Northern East Ancestral Mountain Range. All the island and range are occupied by Clan Ancestors and the Clan Army. Life there is completely different from the inside territories. There is also an Ancestral Hall roughly at the center of Clan Territories. Its called a Hall, but don't mistake as it is cover a total area of 3 cities. Back to the current situation.

[Clan Head: We are going to ancestral land and it will take total of 18 hours for a round trip without stop. Also, You are to be declared, the Head of Kai Palace when we return, so it is necessary to visit your ancestor's island. Things will be cleared in time. Don't worry.]

Late night we arrived at the island and brought to quarters to relax. Next morning is going to be very eventful I guess.
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    《Self-Created System》