Self-Created System
27 Sample Products
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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27 Sample Products

[Ling Tian: System, start project to create cost effective Artifacts - one for Token, one for Office Desk and last one for Diary, following features are must --

Token should have written conversation features, location feature.

Desk should have pocket dimension for storage and should be able to sort itself. It should also be able to link up with tokens, dairies and other desks. Make every desk a database capable.

Dairy should be able to show categorized information with priorities and other tags. It should be able to show map like 2D-atlas with only concerned users, their distance and other details. It should be also capable of requesting queries from the desks.

Lastly after finally completing the project, start a separate project to modify the 3 projects with self-defense measures, alarm system and direct link with you to access. Also add three access levels to those 3 projects - Level 1, 2 and 3 access.]

[System, 3 projects initiated. 2 modification scheduled.]


After taking a long break of 10 hours, I opened the system's notifications. The projects where completed hours ago. Oh! By the way, system computational capabilities have improved since the spirit cultivation hit Nascent Soul Stage.

[System: 3 Projects with modification have been completed. Show Report ?]

[Ling Tian: Sure.]

[System: Report:

Token - Earth Low Grade - features - identification, storage, location, receive messages only, User's Living will.

Token - Earth Middle Grade - features - identification, storage, location sharing, receive messages only, User's Living will, health status.

Token - Earth High Grade - features - identification, storage, location, two-way communication, User's Living will, health status.

Desk - Earth High Grade - features - establishes network, storage(auto-sorting), Record files stored (auto-upload, auto-sorting). It has also -

User Access Level 1 - storage usage only.

User Access Level 2 - storage, queries and location(only level 1).

User Access Level 3 - storage, queries and location(all levels)

Diary - Earth Low Grade Artifact - User Access Level 1

1. Generate messages for Level 1.

2. Information and location queries (from only registered desk).

3. Two-way communication (with level 1 and level 2).

Diary - Earth Middle Grade Artifact -User Access Level 2

1. Two-way communication(with level 1 and level 2),

2. Information and location queries(from only self-registered desk)

Diary - Earth High Grade Artifact - User Access Level 3

1. Two-way communication(all levels).

2. Information and location queries(all levels).

3. Grant temporary access of selective features of above access levels to others. Need to grant again after fixed period of time.]

[Ling Tian: Alright, Its time to craft Sample Products.]


After 5 days I stopped crafting, during this period of time I have crafted

100 desk, 100 diary(earth low grade), 50 diary(earth middle grade), 20 diary(earth high grade).

100 of each earth grade tokens.

Now its time to look into book publication matter. For now, I'm going of publish books up-to Grade 3 of Artificer only. Then after some time, when the hype has slowed down, I will for plan other occupations.

[Ling Tian: System, add the new finding for artifact crafting and change the books into Grades of artificer with while maintaining Basic and Advance level.]

[System: Yes, host.]

Within five minutes, system notifications came.

[System: Books on Basic of Artifact Crafting and Advance Artifact Crafting is completed for Grade 1 to 4.]

I wrote first book of each book up-to Grade 3 only. And decide to rest for the day and the next day.
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    《Self-Created System》