Self-Created System
26 The Requirements
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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26 The Requirements

Only one week is left for meeting the ancestors. Now I have to come up with sample products that fulfills the criteria. I think I rushed a little regarding this matter. Until now only token have been crafted. As for others, no work has been done except the token rune engraver blue print.

Alright, let's list out our Aim first, then plan for it.

First thing I promised was token should be able to exchange information, second was token should be able share location of its user. And lastly room for more developments. Well, when I said that "room for more development" I had few ideas in mind, like Emergency Help Request, or adding Money Bank into the picture, etc. Let's put it aside for now.

Token can be made into an artifact capable of sending and receiving messages, sending location with Earth Grade will be easy, but I have not thought what to use as network tower and exchange, if we treat tokens as mobile in a mobile communication. Also sorting through the all the information from the tokens had to be done and displayed systematically to the Clan Head. Well, for that, a separate artifact can made to display it.

Well now that I think more about it, Clan Head will not personally handle all and every type of information received, so there needs to be some more complex structure level for that. I'm not going to give the 3D Map of this world that I scanned before descend. I am sure that if not Clan Head then Clan Ancestors must know about the other continents. But I don't want to raise flag, so only this continent map only needs to shared. And to display it also need an artifact.

What about something every clan office have in common in every region, city, have them made into artifact to act as network tower. Well every office has chair, table , file cabinet.! Yes office table it is. Back on earth, Smart Tables have been built in with all kind of features like locker, hologram display, installed A.I.,etc. Yes, something definitely like that, similar version for this world. Well locker can be still used, storage space is not much of the problem in this world, hologram display is hard to achieve on Earth Grade artifact, so that's no. Installed A.I., yes it can achieved to some level by using awakened soul to sort information into categories, priorities level, do simple search queries from the information. Also to made these tables as network broadcaster isn't a bad choice. But again I need to think of another artifact for requesting queries and displaying their results. Also message can be passed back to the token by linking the Smart Tables and this artifact. A record book artifact, no, a diary artifact, yes, I can definitely craft a diary artifact for displaying information and requesting queries.

Now the rough idea to what to craft has been formulated, let's see what can be actually achieved.
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    《Self-Created System》