Self-Created System
25 Earth Grade Artifact and Concepts
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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25 Earth Grade Artifact and Concepts

Kai Palace, Crafting Chamber, Room No. 23

I was today here only with one goal, that is to craft, practice crafting and verify various theories and finally able to craft Artifacts of Earth Grade.

Until now, I have crafted many artifacts up to Nascent High Grade. And flame was the limitation.

Now, I have got that covered. My flame is of Heaven High Grade, if I have enough spiritual energy, I can craft up to Heaven Grade Artifacts but it will be stress over my body which is not up to the game. I need to be at least Earth Soul Stage 6 body cultivation for that, even when using spirit stones to supplement spirit energy.

So, I begin with the basic sword for first getting used to the new flame. After 7 sword were crafted, I managed to get the hang of it. Alright next comes the verification of numerous theories and their limits. After 2 days have passed, theories were completely tested. This experience was helpful in many ways. Next was the rune engraving, rune are responsible for generating the soul properties or you can say that soul awakening. Its like adding small set of programs for different purposes. If these rune are further arranged in formation, they will result in a basic Heaven Grade Artifact if ignored some points. For further improvement, well let's get it at later time.

In the Artifact crafting, Mortal Grades are day-today usage artifacts. These tools are not spiritual tools. They can be used by any person. They don't have owners. Next is the Nascent Grade Artifacts - These are the artifacts which are lowest of spiritual artifacts. They do not have show any sign of soul awakening, but are able to fuse with users using blood essences. Then above this is Earth Grade Artifacts, these artifacts have soul of their own but they don't have capability to think for themselves. These have soul awaken like that of baby, repeats only what it have learnt. Does not help user in battle by itself. Heaven Grade Artifacts, these artifacts are capable of thinking and decision making during battles to some extent but are not able to cultivate themselves, when the user ascends, these artifacts stay behind and become owner-less.True Soul Artifacts are the artifacts, as the name suggest, artifacts with True Soul, meaning capable of independent thinking, and able to cultivate and ascend with its user, their battle capabilities are far superior than that of the Heaven Grades.


Over a week of time, I practices crafting and body cultivation. I had theoretical knowledge of crafting already, I only needed to brush up and tie the loose ends and confirm different postulates and theories. So, it didn't take much of the effort.

My body cultivation leveled up to Nascent Soul Stage 8. Due to huge consumption of Spirit Energy and Qi during crafting, the cultivation has reached peak of Nascent Soul Stage 4. At this rate, it will definitely break into next level in another week.
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    《Self-Created System》