Self-Created System
24 Consumed the Flame and the huge Cultivation Jump
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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24 Consumed the Flame and the huge Cultivation Jump

By the time I absorbed the 6 high grade spirit stones, I finally managed to form a small daitan. So, I can now be called Body Tempering Stage 1 cultivator. Now, 9 days have passed since I stepped into Cultivation chamber.

[Ling Tian: Daitan has finally reformed. So,you guys can relax and return to your duties. Also, arrange a meeting with Clan Head after 7 days. Inform Clan Head, that I found a technique, so no need to call Grand Elder for help. He knows the matter.]

[Teresa Clint: Yes, Young Master.]

As I have Newton's Flame technique, I don't need the help of Grand Elder for merging. Let's take a short break before continuing. What I need now is to cultivate fourth step of chaos body, and strengthen the body. The fourth step is to convert more and more spirit energy to expand daitan, then when the body cultivation level goes up, compress the daitan as small as you can. And repeat the process till peak heavens soul stage of body cultivation.

[Ling Tian: System, start a project to achieve Chaos Body Cultivation Technique's fourth step, use the Spirit Stone Energy extraction technique and design an altered step.]


After the project was completed, my body cultivation speed sky rocketed and I reached Nascent Soul Stage 6 body in a week, but it caused me lots of high grade stones, a total of 132. Now I am running out of high grade spirit stones. Alright its time to earn some money.

I went to see Clan Head next morning. I was supposed to merge with the "Heaven Soul Stage High Flame" with my spirit. But with the Newton's Flame technique, I am able to consume flames to increase my cultivation levels and have a flame with upgrade capabilities. So, as long as I have a flame, consumed it, it will bring benefits and only benefits.

It took me 8 hours just to consume the flame. During the process, my cultivation level jumped by leaps and bound from Body Refinement 1 and finally stopped at Nascent Soul Stage 4. I have already prepared the counter major to show less cultivation jump using Art of Cultivation Masking skill, and only showed the jump to Spirit Tempering Stage 3.

[Clan Head: Your flame merging technique is quite something. It lets you jump one whole stage plus two level.]

[Ling Tian: I can sell you this technique, if we sign the contract of confidentiality. This technique is useful to any stage cultivator. Quite a chaos will it cause if the news spreads.]

With this, I can earn some high spirit stones and do not cause trouble for myself.

[Clan Head: Sure, we can discuss the price and also the contribution will be recorded on your name discretely and only Clan Heads and Ancestors have access to it. So, don't worry.]

[Ling Tian: Alright Clan Head, please arrange the meeting with Ancestors 2 weeks later, and the other things discussed.]

[Clan Head: Sure.]

I walk out of Clan Head's office with 200 high grade stones with the exchange of lesser version of Newton's Flame according to what I showed off today. Though the stones will last for few weeks, I still need more stones and flames to increase my cultivation stages quickly. I have to prepare for ancestor meeting to get the big deal of resources that I require. It's time to practice crafting and meet the requirements.
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    《Self-Created System》