Self-Created System
23 The Wicked Cultivation
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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23 The Wicked Cultivation

I return at Kai Palace by 7 p.m. I was not tired from the journey, so I decided to take a bath and relax. From the next day, I plan to go on hell's training, so enjoy the moonlight and cold breeze. It was so soothing I might enjoy the rest of life as it is. Unknowingly I slept on Terrace Swing.

Next day when I woke up, servants were already waiting at distance for orders. I got up, refreshed and took breakfast. Stroll around for sometime. And then reached the cultivation chamber, the guard servants have puzzled expression on their faces, I just ignored them. Entering the chamber I sat in the middle, and begin to formulate the training regime. Chaos body second step involves spirit energy to be distributed throughout the body, tempering both the soul and the body till both produce early capabilities of self preservation. So, I decided to alter this step, and not absorb and release as written. Instead, I thought of sealing the exits of spiritual energy, compressing and decompressing to achieve tempering while creating life death situation to achieve early self preservation. Though this logic seems far fetch, It felt like a hunch, and I decided to follow through.

I need somebody, an expert to help me if situation go haywire. An expert, yes, Maid Teresa. I called the servant outside and ordered to fetch Maid Teresa. I thought of how to convince her, different excuses, finally give up. I will just order her, see if she can follow. Half hour later, she came.

[Ling Tian: I might need you to guard me for next 7-10 days as I attempt to reform daitan with the method I thought of. So, prepare things necessary, also do you know how to seal all acupoints?]

[Teresa Clint: Yes, Young Master.]

[Ling Tian: Go, and make your preparation.]

She turned and left swiftly. I don't know much about her. Only that she is Ling Tian's mother maid for long time. And she follow Ling Tian's orders word to word since the beginning. Nothing about her family or relatives, is known. Just that even Clan Head choose to ignore her actions. Quite a mystery in itself. Let's see and find an opportunity to look through her memories.

She returns back after two hours later. Till then I ordered servant to arrange for medicinal healing bath when required. The process might cause lots of damage to the body internally. With external support, I will have enough time to look for proper solution. Just in case, life essence High Grade 4 pills, and other are brought for emergency cases. After Maid Teresa return, sealed my acupoints. I started to follow the plan.

[Ling Tian: System, start cultivating the altered step of body cultivation. Block breathing to create life-death situation, and continue to break the limits. In case of loss of conscious, send the prerecorded message to Maid Teresa and initiate Emergency Protocol 23. In case of success, repeat 100 times.]

[System: Yes, host.]

[System: Altered step cultivation initiated.]


8 days passed, finally 100 times the wicked step completed. During this time 14 times became unconscious. The pressure in meridians, brain, on whole body and soul caused all tempered through and through. Resting of an hour, taking bath and meal, I sat on mediation posture with high grade stone in both hand. I can now cultivate the step third, the reform of chaos daitan which will be created using converting spirit stones mix with cultivators own soul. The effects of such daitan is unknown, but definitely something good.
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    《Self-Created System》