Self-Created System
22 The Late Night Discussion
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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22 The Late Night Discussion

After second interval, Clan Head enjoyed hiking the bid on Crazy Alchemy King's notes. It's bidding started at 100 mid grade stones and ending at 20 high and 50 mid grade stones. The other Grand Elder couldn't find anything suitable. After completing the transaction, we decided to return Clan after taking meal.

On the way back to Ling Clan Territories, using spiritual communication I and Clan Head started having conversation.

[Ling Tian: Clan Head, since we are heading back, and got nothing much to do, I like to discuss some of my issues and have few requests.]

[Clan Head: Sure.]

[Ling Tian: First thing, I have decide to change my cultivation technique that can let me form daitan again, but I may not be able to awaken Clans bloodline ever. Since I will be starting from the very beginning of the cultivation, I guess that cultivating to reach peak will be nearly impossible with my new daitan. So, the second matter is that I wish to take over Household management after merging with the flame.]

[Clan Head: Sure. I do have to remind you one thing, about your first matter, maybe you should get in touch with your Ancestor, he may have better solution. As for the second matter, the position is yours to begin with, now that you are Clan Elder, I can handle the paper work for you.]

[Ling Tian: Thanks, I will think about meeting Ancestor. Third matter is that about the flame, I am at crucial stage of reforming the daitan, so I wish to merge after daitan is reformed and everything stabilizes. During this time I will also prepare to boost the cultivation using the flame merge. It might take 1 month of time.]

[Clan Head: Alright, I will inform the Alchemy Association Grand Elder to come at later date. Your decision to use flame to boost cultivate is a wise decision.]

[Ling Tian: Next is that I wish to set up a book factory under Clans Name.

I have few conditions regarding this matter.

1. I get a fixed 50% of profits from all the books I publish.

2. I want to sign contract of confidentiality of publishing and income.

3. I want rights to set price, number of books sold outside and inside clan territories unhindered.

In regards to 3rd condition, I will be dividing the books into two levels - basic and advance. I want the rights on the basic level at the very least.]

[Clan Head: Ling Tian, you demands are quite calculated and may be acceptable. But I have to consult with the ancestors regarding your conditions. You sure have confidence on your conditions. Sacrificing half of the profit is quite a clever move. Haha!]

[Ling Tian: Next is that I will be needing a full day of yours about the instant information gathering matter. Judging from our previous conversation, meeting the Ancestors for this matter is a must I guess. I need to be prepared fully. Clan Head, please arrange for meeting on this matter after two weeks I merge with the flame.]

[Clan Head: Sure, I now really wish to let you succeed my position. Your temperament is really made for leading. Do you want me to convince few more ancestors for you?]

[Ling Tian: nah! I'm good. Later maybe.]
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    《Self-Created System》