Self-Created System
21 The Auction
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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21 The Auction

10 a.m. in the morning, Clan head lead all of us to the Auction House, entries were divides into tire I, II, III and IV - tier I were general public, tier II were silver token holders, tier III were golden token holders, and tier IV were diamond platinum token holders. Clan Head had, of course, the platinum token, so we were lead to special room meant for each platinum token holders. On our way, the servant introduced that a total of 100 items is auctioned in every Quarterly Auction, there will be 2 intervals after first 50 items is auctioned, then again after next 30 items. Token holders are provided with discount of 5% , 7%, 10% higher the tier. Most of the section were already full when we arrived, guess we arrived in time with the start of the auction. The auction started nearly within 10 minutes of our arrival. The Auctioneer was a very beautiful young lady named Miss Yao, which is said to be one of the Trade Associations Senator's Daughter.

[Miss Yao: Alright everyone, welcome to the Tammar Quarterly Auction. Without delay, we will be moving on to the auction of our first item: "Body Cleansing Grade 2 pills, a total of 5 pills per bottle. For those who don't know the effect of the pill, I can only say this pill will at least will be able to clean the body impurities of Body Tempering Stage by 40%, Spirit Tempering Stage by 30%, Nascent Soul Stage by 10% on total consumption of a bottle. Alright then, bidding will start at 100 low grade spirit stones. Every bid will have bid increment of minimum 5 low grade stones."]


Auction continued till the first interval. During this period of time, different kinds of herbs, pills , manuals, ores, weapons and artifacts of grade 2 or 3 or equivalent value were auctioned. None of Grand Elders or Clan Head bid for a single item. I, on the other hand, bid on few unique ores and herbs. There was also an alchemy cauldron of Peak Grade 3 which peeked my interest, but I decided against it. Just in few more days, I will be able to craft a Grade 3 Cauldron myself, so no need to buy such thing. Also I have some idea of my own to mix the lab experiments knowledge and principle of earth and this world together to create unique cauldron and things for myself. There was also urge to change lots of things that can bring living standard of this planet on whole new level. But last few days I have been rethinking, why the hell I should waste time on changing this world in the image of my own world. I have no way to return to the home I knew. Lots of time has passed and I will not find the earth as I remembered. Well those things are for later.

After interval, grade 3 or equivalent items with unique specialties were auctioned. A number of elders and grand elders level cultivators of different organization were bidding after the interval. Auction became quite heated with bidding and threats as well. Grand Elder also bid and paid a high price for Grade 3 Peak herb which have high potential to grade up.

Two genius from the candidate list of influential group also came, both of them have already become Nascent Soul cultivators. That reminds me of my own cultivation, in the morning, I followed the chaos body technique to push the spirit energy into the whole body for about 4 hours. But later the energy slow released out of the body on its own. The method says to continue doing the same thing again and again, absorb and let the spirit energy release, if body shown sign of adapting then increase and have different variations. I have to do it a minimum of 100 times before the next step. Its really frustrating. Anyway!

I wasn't sitting idle the second round of auction, I asked System to scanned all the people, their all belonging, auctioned and store data for later. Seeing that I wasn't bidding anymore, Clan Head send a spiritual message.

[Clan Head: Ling Tian, if you want to more ores and herbs, tell me directly. I'm just sitting idle you know. Nothing has peeked my interest until now.]

[Ling Tian: Alright.]

Seeing that Clan Head is getting bored, I thought for a while and replied back.

[Ling Tian: If that Crazy Alchemy King notes were to be really auctioned, just bid to raise the value, but don't buy it. I may have something of equal value or better, in 3 months.]

I wasn't idiot to tell him that I will simply copy the book when auction, and you can get it from me anytime. Clan Head turned and look at me, paused for while, then chuckled and relaxed on the chair.
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    《Self-Created System》