Self-Created System
18 The Tammar Capital City
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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18 The Tammar Capital City

We arrived at night, booked a Inn for a day, and refreshed ourselves. Then got for night stroll, this is one of most populated trading city of the continent bustling with business all over the year. I am also not gonna miss the opportunity to gather information.

[Ling Tian: System, start two tasks - one to gather all kind of manuals, books that comes under spiritual scan. And one for gathering different kind of information people are talking about, break them, and categories them.]

[System: 2 Tasks initiated.]

Well, I will add auto scan and continuous information gathering project later, also energy and other factors are also to be considered. And also a project is required for hacking Spiritual Communication Channel of cultivators. Let's leave it for now.

Tammar Trading City, is divided into two circles - Outer City for Non-cultivators and low level cultivators, and Inner City for trading with cultivators of at least Earth Soul Stage. These circles are further divided into 5 regions - artifact pavilion , herbs and grains pavilion, association area, book palace and miscellaneous area. Auction is to be held in miscellaneous area.

Strolling for nearly two we returned to Inn quarters. I cannot say that I earn huge because the level of manuals gathered where quite low. I decided not to bother on the matter. Later at night, around 2 a.m., I got the long awaited notification.

[System: Project - Suitable Cultivation Techniques completed.]

[Ling Tian: Haha! Finally! Alright System, bring me a brief report.]

[System: Cultivation Techniques collected have different categorical similarities. Following are the categories :

1. Spiritual Energy Techniques: this includes techniques for soul attacks, protection, purification, etc.

Complete - 32, Incomplete - 1091

2. Spiritual Qi Techniques: this includes techniques for qi flow methods, elements methods, etc.

Complete - 70, Incomplete - 4535.

3. Body Cultivation Techniques: this includes techniques for body constitution improvement, regeneration improvement, meridians widening, daitan enlargement etc.

Complete - 45, Incomplete - 936.

4. Bloodline Cultivation Techniques: this includes techniques for bloodline awakening, bloodline transformation, berserk mode, etc.

Complete - 23, Incomplete - 85.

5. Movement Techniques: this include techniques for footwork, dodging, escape, flying, gliding, swimming, etc.

Complete - 13, Incomplete - 89.

6. Body Art Techniques: this includes techniques for body martial arts.

Complete - 39, Incomplete - 738.

7. Weapons Techniques: this includes techniques for sword, saber, axe, hammer, etc.

Complete - 502, Incomplete - 7756.

8. Poisson Techniques: this include techniques for poison attacks, poison air attacks, etc.

Complete - 4, Incomplete - 46.

9. Un-categorized Techniques: this includes techniques for seals, tracking, healing, etc.

Complete - 19, Incomplete - 1423.

Note - 1. Complete and Incomplete here differs from its previous definition. Complete now refers to techniques up-to True Soul Stage and Incomplete refers to not up-to True Soul Stage even if the Technique is stated to be complete before.

2. Some techniques are in multiple categories because of its nature.]

Woho! Yes! I no longer resent for the Project delay.

[Ling Tian: Alright System, bring top 5 cultivation techniques from each of 1 to 8 category for best result for me. For Category 9, remind me 1 week later from now.]
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    《Self-Created System》