Self-Created System
16 Result and Clan Head decision
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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16 Result and Clan Head decision

Meanwhile, Clan Head had taken steps in advance and called Association Members and some trusted Grand Elders and instructed to keep quite about Ling Tian Test. He knew he could not keep such matter from spreading in the long run, but he wished to buy as much as time possible. Thinking of his earlier conversation, a smile natural surfaced on his face. It's good to have someone from Younger Generation like him around. Life without perks will be turn in monotonous routine. He had a feeling that Ling Tian will definitely turn over himself as strong cultivator not long in the future. Till then, he would do as much as he could to keep out other power houses out of the picture. Old needs to protect the young, and young needs to create ruckus everyday. Ling Tian's position as Future Master of household, Great Master Artificer, the power backing him and his soon return into cultivation race would cause any Major Power restless. Some cards need to be placed while concerning future. I will visiting few Ancestors soon, forces are required to be in place for stability in the future. I can see loads of work coming...

Shock and surprise were written on all over the faces of Clan Head, Grand Elders and Elders. A monster among genius, the result of the Artificer Test made everyone see Ling Tian in new height.

What age was Ling Tian at, 15, have you seen a 15 year old Great Master Artificer anywhere in history?No!! Even among their peers, only handful of people were as knowledge and perceptive as such as of Ling Tian's. Though in their eyes, Ling Tian lost to cultivation deviation because of unforeseen circumstances, but the Artificer talent showed by Ling Tian was no less than cultivation genius.

After swiftly recovering from the shock, Clan Head steeled his heart and made the decision.

[Clan Head: Alright everyone, today you all seen the Artificer Test result of Ling Tian. Even though he lost cultivation, his crafting talent can be called the great resource, which still has more potential to grow over time.So, I, Ling Beau, as 27th clan head of Ling Clan, hereby appoint Ling Tian as Clan Elder, on the condition he successfully crafts Earth Grade Artifact. The day he succeeds, will be day Clan Elder position will be his officially. If any of you have any complaint regarding my decision, you can raise your complaint in next clan meeting.]

[Everyone: Yes, Clan Head]

[Clan Head: Next, as you know I promised Ling Tian if he cleared the test, he will be granted "Heaven Soul Stage High Flame", I guess you all don't have opinions over the matter either.]


[Clan Head: Alright, keep quiet about Ling Tian, Clan Elder position and the condition to the all and any third person. (pause)All dismissed.]
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    《Self-Created System》