Self-Created System
15 Great Master Artificer Tes
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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15 Great Master Artificer Tes

[Clan Head: Sure, theoretical questions will be the as usual, and for practical, it will be as you require. Don't worry about it. Let's proceed to the Crafting Test Hall.]


[Grand Elder Shaun: Hello, I'm Ling Shaun, a Great Master Peak Artificer, you can call me however you see fit. There will be 3 Stages of the Test, first stage is theoretical exam - which will test 10 random question that only Great Master Artificer could solve, second stage will be practical exam in which you have to create required artifact off the level and third stage is where you have damage artifact and you have to repair it. Passing criteria of one stage is 8 correct answer out of 10, for second stage - artifact made should be at least 90% power when compared to standard artifact and third stage - damaged artifact should recover 95% power of its original power.]

[Ling Tian: OK]

[Grand Elder Shaun: You request of practical exam have been approved by Clan Artifact Association, so need to be worried about that. Just craft an Earth Grade Artifact in presence of an Official Observer in the future and you will get you Great Master Certificate. Alright let's begin the test.]

With System in hand, I could easy answer Grand Master Artificer question let alone Great Master artificer, a whole grade below. It didn't took much time to answer all the questions. Moving to the next stage, I create a required space ring of Nascent High Grade. It provides a spherical space of radius 500 meters which was above standard grade by 23%. In the last stage, damaged bow-arrow set as given. It was of Nascent Middle Grade at its peak. After repairing, I increasing its Grade to Nascent High Grade. If compared before, its power raised by 180% that was quite a lot for examiner to accept.

Finally first stage result was declared 10/10 nothing new. Few elder with held me started asking me all sort of question. To not show off too much. I replied most answer vaguely, and only few question correctly.

All said and done, I returned home as they said result will be declared next day. I returned to my Palace, decided to check on previous Projects.

The long awaited Cultivation techniques Project was 93% complete. So, I guess I need to maximum of 2 days time to finally get the results.

Project to Control over Body, Flame and Spirit Energy from Stones were long finished. So, nothing left to do, I lay down on bed, eyes closed. Then, a thought came to mind, let's plan to play with every major power house of this continent. OK, I can definitely do it, I will definitely do it. But this damn Cultivation Project really taking too much time. I will surely apply every Hooke and crook to jump my cultivation stages that will has never been recorded in history, not in the past, not in the present and not in the future. And then I will plan my sweet sweet little fun game. Hehe!!
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    《Self-Created System》