Self-Created System
14 Meeting Clan Head again
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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14 Meeting Clan Head again

Today is day I took appointment for Grand Master Artificer Test. if I pass the test, I will be getting Heaven Grade flame and definitely planning on getting higher one. Before the test, I went to pay my respect to Clan Head.

[Clan Head: So Little kiddo, how have been doing?]

[Ling Tian: I have been doing great. Hope I not disturbing?]

[Clan Head: Alright, let's head to my office.]

Both of us silently walked into the Office.

[Clan Head: Alright kiddo, say what have you in mind.]

After hand over the present, I smiled and wait for him to check it out.

[Clan Head: Haha, alright kiddo, you have impressed me. To craft Nascent High Grade Artifact Token with space box, quite impressive, and for non-cultivators too. I get there is more on the table.]

[Ling Tian: Yes, there is. (pause) There is more potential than you can imagine. These 3 different set of 100 are just to you for your previous help. What I am look for is a Joint business Investment partner for earning money and more.]

[Clan Head: You should know money is least I am interested in. What "and more" we are talking here?]

[Ling Tian: Well, how do think of information from all over the territories in less than 1 minute sounds? If still not satisfied then how about learn every owner position every minute? If still not satisfied. (pause) How about its potential to bring more on the table of similar scale?]

Clan Head was awestruck, information from all over the territories, position of every owner, and even more of the same scale. OMG! Clan Head, although was a cultivator of True Soul Stage 2, having lived for two thousand year and despite having so much experience have cold sweat flowing over head. Clan Head was clear about Ling Tian's position, Future Master of Kai Palace. Words said cannot be joked. Calming himself he took few breath to process and stabilizing his thoughts, he thoughtfully spoke.

[Clan Head: What would you get from doing this? What is it want?]

[Ling Tian: Information course, also there is money. You, of all people, the Clan Head of Ling Clan, one of the 15 powerhouse of this Jian Sky continent should be clearly know that power held by information can never the achieved any cultivator, clan, sector or any thing else.]

Clan Head sat there motionless, lost in thoughts, shocked by the calmness possessed by Ling Tian. He was imaging the chaos this token would cause, no he change his imagination again, thinking of chaos Ling Tian himself would cause in the future, and chaos grew multi fold in Clan Head imagination. He was Clan Head with lots and lots of experience, he was damn sure the future chaos will be no less than his imaginations.

Taking deep breathe, Clan Head started to re-evaluate how to judge Ling Tian again.

[Clan Head: Sure, I agree for Joint Business. But, you have to deal with other households if they bring trouble in this matter to you.]

[Ling Tian: I have already thought of other households over this matter.]

[Clan Head: So you have already thought. Already.]

[Ling Tian: Next, I would like to have theoretical test of Great Master Artificer as usual but for practical test, I would appreciate it the test is held up to Master Peak Artificer only. As, I don't have cultivation nor strong Flame, so its inconvenient for time being.]
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    《Self-Created System》