Self-Created System
13 The Presen
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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13 The Presen

After thinking a for while, I thought what if I made a version of walkie-talkie, one that is based on spirit energy, and spirit energy waves, then what about frequency modulation. Nah! It would be to complex, and the result will hinder my future plans. Let's think of something else. What about identity token, Clan have special tokens for every position holder and there is also a small team specializes in tokens under Clan Management House. Well they specialize in token for position holder and can be used in special places only. So, I will specialize in mass production of token for whole territories, that a huge business, well it can be a joint business investment with Clan Head. Let's think of add some perks to it, how can there be something I do be ever normal. It ain't my style. Hmm, alright let's make identity token at least Nascent Low Grade Artifact with a mini space box (space of 50cm*50cm*50cm). It will be perfect to hide the perk, you know what I mean. Every Nascent Grade and above artifact requires blood to bond with the person. This Blood coming from people from all over the Clan can definitely help in identifying the real parents of the child. Hehe, I can sure use it as a trump card to get what needs to be done.

Alright, time to work, crafting of identity token will done in two phases: first mass produces of token in large sheets, and then second phase are sheets are cut into tokens, and runes are engraved. For now rune engraving had to be done in person. But later after merging with flame, I will simply design a rune engraving artifact for token.

[Ling Tian: OK System, start a project to create Nascent Low Grade Artifact identity token with least budget, add feature like blood identification, mini space box(easy to use non-cultivator), and add the constraint that rune engraved should be economical when using engraving artifact in future. Also, add the project for Identity Token Rune Engraver which should be of Earth Grade Artifact or Higher.]

[System: Two Projects - Identity Token Artifact and Identity Token Rune Engraver Artifact initiated.]

Alright, that's it for today. Lets enjoy the rest of day.


At night, both projects finished.


Next day, I went to Crafting House room, and crated a batch of 100 Identity Tokens of each Nascent Low, Middle and High Grade. Then, Write down instruction manual for registering and updating Token data. Also, instruction on how to use rune for mini space box usage. It took quite a time finishing writing the manual. Now I am considering to create an artifact of writing whatever I throw from system to artifact.
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    《Self-Created System》