Self-Created System
12 System’s First Crash
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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12 System’s First Crash

Ooe!! Oee!! First Crash!!

[Ling Tian: System, execute file ../../../forceReboot.exad User: Admin Signature: <<>>]

[System: User: Admin Signature: ********** confirmed.]

[System: forceReboot.excad executing...]

[System: Reboot success.]

Well, well, it's the first crash after so many years of my travel. Finally, there is a crash, hahaha! My God, this bring backs the memory of start of college days. Well let's not dwell in the past, time to see how it really happened.

[Ling Tian: System, bring the debug log along with thread process monitor, and console User: Admin Signature: <<>>]

[System: User: Admin Signature: ********** confirmed.]


That was quite a mess, create a patch on the limited spirit energy. So, the reason crash happened because the previous Project Suitable Cultivation Techniques, although manuals were great in number, but 70% of cultivation were either incomplete or result in cultivation deviation. System can still handle that much, but simulation of its variations to reach peak intensified the number of simulations. And my system completely relay on soul/spirit energy. With cultivation lost, spirit energy was leaving my on irregular basic that finally result in System's first Crash.

I got level up my cultivation for real. Let's plan everything carefully. And before the flame merging, I have to first get the solution to the Cultivation Technique perplexity, which by the way is still under going simulation right now. With the Flame merging to my soul, my cultivation will definitely sky rocket if planned carefully. That will, in turn help me solve the suspicion about rise in my cultivation, but it's still not enough, so I have to create diversion from the fact I can cultivate again, something that will ward of cultivation matter, something that I don't want cultivation as my future path in everyone's eyes. So, basically if… what if… yes if I were to demonstrate Great Master Grade Artificer theoretical knowledge and promoted to Elder, then it will be sensational "the young clan elder - Ling Tian" no it will be "Youngest Clan Elder". Alright, let's focus on present, that is, CRAFTING!! CRAFTING!!


In evening of the Artifact Crafting's 3rd day, I successfully crafted Nascent Low Grade Saber. While thinking of the present for Clan Head, I continued the crafting practice.


On the fifth day, my mastery over crafting reached Peak Master Artificer level. I can now craft Nascent High Grade Weapons and Artifact for easily. Let's take a break, go for stroll and decide what present should I give to Clan Head. He really did help with those household matters.


Strolling through the streets, I visited shops and pavilions of different kinds to get the jest for my now unique future products in the field of crafting. Well there are quite different artifacts and weapons in markets. If I were to give a rough estimate then more than 80% are weapons, shields and body armours. Space Rings are about 10% and the remaining to unique Artifacts that are hard to categorize.

So, my crafting carrier will focus on space rings and unique artifacts. As for the present to the Clan Head, how about Gourd with lots of space in it. Nah! If I do that then giving empty gourd will not do, I don't want to bother Maid Teresa for wine or alcohols for now. Something else, like mobile communication or management tools, but they all require rune installation, only Grand Master are capable of. As for now, I don't powerful flame, no progress there.
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    《Self-Created System》