Self-Created System
11 Apprenticeship
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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11 Apprenticeship

Next morning, I woke up and started planing for the day. I have now the books of alchemy and artifact crafting, up to Grand Master level, still those are only written knowledge not practiced therefore I can be at only consider apprentice in both. If I were to sale the books in auction, it can give economy boost. At later date, I will talk to clan head to about establishing Book factory as everyone know that I don't have cultivation or I have restart from the beginning after healing. It will also be used as a pretext for my future cover ups. Sure enough, now next thing to do is practice both occupations.

First the artifact crafting, cause I have to get the flame by the end of week.


Room 13, Kai Palace Crafting House

After hours and hours of spending time, Ling Tian finally managed to Mortal Low Grade Sword. It was quite crude in look; no one willing would have this sword even it free.


2 days passed and finally I was able to craft Mortal High Grade Sword, and it is not crude looking. If I finally want to craft Grade 3 Weapon, and from what can observe, I need a high grade flame in order to become Great Master Artificer. Also, the spirit energy requirement is also a factor. Perfect Control on body, fire and spirit energy will be required in order to achieve True Spirit Grade Artificer. Well, one step at a time, puhhhh!!! Who am I kidding, let's set a duration of a month to achieve Heaven Grade Artificer. First, I need a flame and lots of spirit energy. Second, I need to have Perfect Control over body, flame and spirit energy. Spirit energy can be drawn from spirit stones, so it won't be much of a problem to get it.

[Ling Tian: System, start three projects to achieve perfect control over body, flame and energy from the spirit stones.]

[System: Three Project initiated - Control over Body, Flame and Spirit Energy from Stones.]

Alright, crafting can be said going well, but I wish to cultivate again, I need to master Alchemy, for that I need Cauldron and some Miscellaneous Pill formula. Seems like I have to find time for Auction.

There are also many other occupation knowledge gathered the Main Library, it can also be helpful at some point of time. What can I say, the more the merrier. Alright, those things for later time. Right now, CRAFTING!! CRAFTING!!


[System: Error!!]

[System: Error!!]

[System: Error!!]

[System: Error!!]
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    《Self-Created System》