Self-Created System
8 Meeting Clan Head
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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8 Meeting Clan Head


I arrived at the designated spot and waited for Teresa to visiting the Clan Head. 10 minutes later, she arrived and looking exhausted, so I offered water, she politely declined. We arrived at Clan Head Manor, waited for the butler to call us in the meeting room.

[Clan Head: It's a great loss to Clan that you lost your cultivation. I won't buzz too much, time is precious to everybody and you must have something in mind to arrange the meeting. I will say this, if it doesn't affect my position as Clan Head I will fulfill your one single demand.]

I knew from the manuals to become Top Grade Artificer, one require a Top Grade Flame.

[Ling Tian: I need a Heaven Soul Stage Low Flame or above. State your condition.]

[Clan Head: Haha! Little Kiddo. That's wasn't I expecting this. Sure, you can have Heaven Soul Stage Low Flame even Middle Flame. The conditions of obtaining those flame set by Clan Rules of your age group is to pass the test of Great Master in alchemy or artifact crafting set the Clan. You have to inform 2 days before you want to attempt the test. So, when will you take the test? No need to answer instantly. This rule is for everyone under your age group. If Earth Soul Stage Flame is your demand the Master level expertise is required in alchemy or artifact crafting. Whenever you are ready, just inform me. ]

After thinking for a while, I replied.

[Ling Tian: I take the test of artifact crafting at Great Master level one week from now. As the one single demand, I would definitely like you to help me in regards to the meddling of other households and high positioned members for a duration of 1 year.]

[Clan Head: haha kiddo!! This is what I was expecting the second most possible demand from you. Alright, I will take care of this matter for 1 year. Your Ancestor has already spoken to me on this matter. Alright, if you have nothing to say, then you are dismissed.]

[Ling Tian: Thank you, Clan Head. Bye for now.]

[Clan Head: I'm glad that you are not too hot-headed.]@@
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    《Self-Created System》