Self-Created System
7 The Main Library
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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7 The Main Library

As I approached the library shown my badge, I passed through the check up and enter 3 Storeys Library Building. From the gathered from memories of Ling Tian and other people, I get to know the Ling Clan Main Library has total of 5 floors: 2 basements, and 3 floors up the ground. Ground Floor contains current data records regarding business and management of the clan. First Floor contains manuals and techniques meant for Clan members below Elder position which include outer members, inner members, core members. Second Floor is meant for Elder, Grand Elders and Clan Guests.

The Two basements floor contains the Ling Clan secrets. First Basement in meant for Clan Head. Its rumor that it contains secret movements for major forces over centuries, their strategy, troops numbers, tactics and other miscellaneous. It also contains record of the history of the continent over the century.

And the last basement is meant for Clan Ancestors. That's the level which Clan Head itself is not allowed to go in. It is rumored that basements are guarded by many strong formations. And also its rumored that the last basement contains treasures that can only be activated by Ling Clan Ancestors.

Now coming back to present, As I only have access to ground floor and first floor, let's see what amount of knowledge can I take away today. Let's consider it as challenge to myself.

I entered Ground Floor....

[Ling Tian: System, use Spirit Scan to render a simulation of whatever can be perceived here, focus on rendering and save as much region possible.]

[System: Yes, host.]


I existed the library after going through the manuals at first floor and ground floor just to mask the Spiritual Scan.

[System: Rendering of Ling Clan Main Library completed.]

[Ling Tian: Alright System, categories every data into respective classes. Generate a short and detailed report.]

[System: Yes, host]


[System: Task completed.

Short Report:

History Books: 2112

Business Records: 121,324

Cultivation manuals: 15,523

Alchemy Books: 534

Artifact Crafting Books: 803

Formation Array Books: 34

Music Books: 23

Cultural Books:232

Painter Books: 45


Eh! There is something wrong with the numbers of books every category. My estimation cannot be wrong about the books amounts in the Ground and First Floor by that much.

[Ling Tian: System, describe the total number of books collected floor wise]

[System: Yes, host.

Ground Floor: 344,754

First Floor: 98,524

Second Floor: 1,204,987

First basement: 655,451

Second basement: 23,222]

Holy*****! Second Floor, First Basement and Second basement!! I hit the Jackpot!! I hit the jackpot.

Damn it! Calm down,or I will the purpose of visiting Clan Head.


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