Self-Created System
6 Future and Sowing the Seed of Karma
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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6 Future and Sowing the Seed of Karma

Thinking of future course of action, I begin analyzing difficulties and action I took to counter them. Now, that I all the time, what should I do, what do I desire. Guilt was there. Ling Tian, since I took over your body, let me do something for you, though it won't matter anyway, I do desire to get this guilt out of myself. I will be Ling Tian in name and character. I'm be hypocrite, aren't I! Whatever.

Alright I have decided decided to succeed as Master of Ling Tian Household"The Kai Palace". Now, then it's time for me to wake up. It's been two days already. I slowing open my I eyes and sit down.

Servant comes near and inform me that Maid Teresa , Clan Head have reminded to meet them when I wake up. Dismissing the servant after few questions, I begin my day life activities.

Some times later servant reported that Maid Teresa requests to meet me. I casually wave my hands showing to let her come.

[Teresa Clint: Young Master, I am very sorry that things happened on my wat]

I signaled her to stop, I look outside the window, gentle breeze of wind pass by, lighten the mood. Then I turn around, speak to Maid Teresa .

[Ling Tian: Thing happened can't be changed. And also my cultivating has not come to full stop. Its just stoppage, may to take a different path, may be to take the same path. Time will tell what I choose. So, don't mull over it]


[Ling Tian: I assume different varieties of reaction from people, so I get to the point, bring me major problems of our household management currently facing, but not now. Go and do your job as usual. After dinner, you bring me to my room.]

[Teresa Clint: Yes, Young Master.]

[Ling Tian: Anything else? I will be visiting Clan Head this afternoon. Please arrange the meeting.]

[Teresa Clint: No, Young Master. I will be on my way.]

Teresa exits the room, the servant brought the meal. I sat on chair enjoying food after very time. It was satisfying. Damn it, I suddenly remember the famous line from previous world, "Men covert for three in life: Good Food, Sex and Power". Heh! I do have good food and power at my disposal,and for the remaining, night is not that far.

Well, now that I have time, lets visit the Clan Main Library.
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    《Self-Created System》