Self-Created System
5 Memories of Ling Tian
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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5 Memories of Ling Tian

Going through the memories of Ling Tian, I got the jest the guys both Parents disappeared when he was just one year old. Later, when he grew up, he came to know his responsibility as household master. It was his parents arrangement for Maid Teresa Clint to manages everything within the household till Ling Tian grows and take over. Maid Teresa said to be his mother follower for last four decades, though you look at her, she was like 19 year old college girl dressed in maid uniform. You cannot judge here to be an expert at Heaven Soul Stage. Anyway!

Let's talk about Ling Clan, as one of big clans of the region, they occupy around 9% percent of land of the continent, which would be around the size of Greenland. Many Mountain range, mines, lakes , rivers, islands and other were part of Ling Clan Resources. Ling Clan consists of many official position like Servant, Outer Members, Inner Members, Core Members, Elder, Guardians, Guests, Grand Elder, Household Masters, Clan Head, Ancestors in increasing order of their authorities.

Ling Tian father was Household Master, while Mother was Grand Elder. Ling Tian's Great grand Father was one of the living Clan Ancestors. It is because of those reasons no one cause trouble for him.

Ancestors were all Heaven Soul Stage 7 or above cultivators, Grand Elder and Elder powers generally above Heaven Soul Stage 2 and Earth Soul Stage 7. There were some exceptions like those with Great Master and Grand Masters as their title. There were also some elder and Grand elders that contributed sufficiently to Clan Development. Guardians were the cultivator above Earth Soul Stage 1 and initial not member of the Clan. When they became Guardians, they are allowed to bring their families and follow Clan Rules and live happily. Other powerhouses also adopted similar tactics. Rogue Cultivators dream of becoming Guardians of Ling Clan because of reputations. Those with qualification of Elder and Grand Elder but where not from the clan were given Clan Guests positions.

Now back to Ling Tian, he was Core Member because of his cultivation and future Household Master. But now with no cultivation, his future was limited and cannot become Clan Head or Clan Ancestor ever.

Ling Tian household have many business, medicinal farms, and other resources. A total of 23 small and large island, 2 Mountain Range, and 3 States were properties of his household.
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    《Self-Created System》