Self-Created System
4 Soul Hack
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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4 Soul Hack

After waiting for 8 days, finally opportunity present itself. Ling Tian was going for challenging the next Spirit Tempering 6 stage. And that Powerful Maid of his, was gone for bath down the mountain fall.

I began to move to towards Ling Tian's mountain peak.In the cultivation hall, Ling Tian has practice martial arts and started to use a low grade spirit stone to recover from exhaustion. Then, he begin to cultivate and prepare the challenge the next stage.

Taking note of the precious time, I approached Ling Tian who was in meditative state and slowly I spread and enveloped Ling Tian with my Soul Energy to not let his slip by. After assuring that no loophole left, I start forced Soul Data Transfer module, copied all data and left him with memories to intake the cultivation losing medicine pill hidden by the spies among the house servants. Ling Tian took the pill and lost the cultivation in an hour. During this time, I simply hide my self inside Ling Tian body, and started to slowly absorb and copy the unique spiritual signature of Ling Tian. It took almost the same time taken in loss of cultivation base. Unresigned with the result, Ling Tian could not hold on and collapsed. It benefited me the most as I took the collapsed Ling Tian soul, absorbed it all in one go. People outside sensed Lian Tian stated caused the huge stir. I, on the other hand, didn't have the body for centuries. So, I slept. I didn't bother to sort through memory of Ling Tian, I just slept.


2 days later, I woke up, feel satisfied with the new body, I started reading through system notifications. Fifteen minutes later, I smiled with the result. In these two days, the whole clan and even other major forces got the news through spies, that I(Lian Tian) lost my cultivation due to schemes of spy. That powerful Maid Teresa Clint, made a huge mess, directly soul searched every servant and members of the household available on the mountain. Those who resisted, if they were servant, they died, if they were members, then they were thrown in prison for interrogation. It took her merely 3 hours and she cleared every single spy that have infiltrated since centuries ago. I got to know that she was a Heaven Soul Stage 2 cultivator. Though it was never confirmed. That why, Clan Head or other turn blind to her action. Next day, later it was found that the culprit of whole mess was a Grade 4 Lower Pill brought by Spies, everyone felt goosebumps down their bodies. If they were in the place of Ling Tian, result would have been same. Ling Clan Head issues command that every cultivator has to verify any pills before consumption brought from outside clan territories, or they can be go become next Ling Tian. Everyone knew that Ling Tian is done with Cultivation World, and the post of candidate for Clan Head successor is just in name. Clan members gradually returned to their works as it doesn't concern them. For comment Ling Tian Household, it was night mare, many servant have thought of leaving household but remembering Teresa Clint actions, they couldn't.
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    《Self-Created System》