Self-Created System
3 Finding a Millennium Genius
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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3 Finding a Millennium Genius

[System: Tasks completed.


List of Current Known Best Top 10 Cultivation Body from Influential Group:

1.Venerable Little Muni [Buddha Diamond Body – Active] – Age 16

Cultivation - Spirit Tempering 7 - Direct Follower of Eastern Monastery Sect

Description: Body suited for Buddha Enlightenment and rarely appears.

2.Lin Feng [Nine Pure Yang Body - Active] – Age 21

Cultivation – Spirit Tempering 9 – Direct Disciple of Sect. Master of Zen Pleasure Sect

Description: Body best for fast cultivation using dual cultivation techniques.

3.Long Malik [Ancient Blue Dragon True Body - Inactive] – Age 19 –

Cultivation – Spirit Tempering 9 – Core Member of Azure Dragon Clan

4.Ling Tian [Void Celestial Body - Inactive] – Age 15 –

Cultivation – Spirit Tempering 5 – Candidate for Ling Clan Head Successor

Description: Void Celestial Body is said to contain terrace of space law





After careful consideration of future developments, I have decided to go for Ling Tian of Ling Clan. His parents location are unknown since he was 1 year old and also has a handful of resources at his disposal. Its perfect for Soul Hack. Although his celestial body wasn't activated, it cannot be said for same in future. Because its a common knowledge that special body types will have 60-70% chance of being activated when one reaches Nascent Soul Stage. I wasn't worried either.

[Ankit Raj: Alright System, start a Project for Soul Hack to take over a body.]

[System: Yes, host.]


[System: Task completed.]

Alright, let's plain for a successful Soul Hack. First, I need people not to notice, and also a time when Ling Tian can't put a counter attack. Second, this guy has been high profile in cultivation world, it's not good for now. Best case would be cultivation deviation or loss in the eye of public after I take over. From, the information gathered, one of his Maid is his Guardian, and quite powerful at that. Let's see for loopholes in her routine for absence. Then, comes Ling Tian, the possible way to increase chances of soul hack would be before the soul energy from practice runs out. And that would be at the time of Leveling Up. Yes, at that point, I can also create deviation of some sort to loss cultivation. Hah, 2 goals can be achieved at the same time. Ok, time to prepare and wait of opportunity.
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    《Self-Created System》