Self-Created System
2 The New World and Information gathering
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Self-Created System
Author :SaurabhKumar
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2 The New World and Information gathering

Finally, spotted a planet with living beings.

[Ankit Raj: Alright System, start a complete scan the planet below, and commence descend. Try being stealth as much as possible.]

[System: Yes, host.]

If some people where to see descend, they would see transparent ball with thousands of hair like light threads in it coming down. Due to descending in the day side hemisphere of the planet, system manage to mask the presence of soul descending.


[System: Descend successful]

[Ankit Raj: Alright, find different aged and gender people that are alone, begin force Soul Data Transfer and download the data, after that remove the traces of our interference and mask the duration spent with their own memory based causes. Repeat the process continuously for 3 days.]


After 3 days

[System: Task completed.]

[Ankit Raj: Alright, begin extracting the information and compare in themselves for accuracy of the data. Find the local languages, occupation, influential person or group, type of government and history. Categories and save in hierarchical structure for this continent.]

[System: Task initiated.]


[System: Task completed,


Continent: Jain Sky Continent

Local Languages: 5

General Occupation – Farming, Fishery, Poultry, Business, Transportation, Guard…

Major Occupation: Alchemist, Artificer, Painter, Tunist, Formation Master, Appraiser, Terpsichore...

Local Influential Person/Group: Sectors (4), Big Clans (7), Large Commercial Groups (3) Royal Family (1), Noble Families (43)

Type of Government: None, Influential Groups own their territories and are sole ruler.



So, this world, in short follows the mightiest and biggest group swallow's small ones.

Where I come from, Democracy and Justice was severed at least in large portion of population. However, if I were to follow those principles I might die the every next second. That can't be happening can we, so let's prepare my next course of action:

First I need to cultivate fast and become strong to survive, then I need influence group support behind my back. Second, I need latest information and also private army of my own. And I need to lay low profile all the time, until I am confident.

OK, let's say I take over a Millennium Genius body that will help me achieve fast cultivation. Then I need money and influential group support. So, I need to find such Genius under influential group. Then I need real time correct information for staying out of unwanted trouble. For that influential group information gatherer does not achieve the real time problem and reliability. That got be a huge problem. Communication technology of this world kind of seems outdated. Mobile and Network tower establishment can't be achieved in this world. But if take satellites into account that might be possible but again it's too farfetched, risk of exposure is also high. Well, for temporary real time communication, satellite based on this world will do. But I have to look into it for other permanent solution. Next is to build private army of ninja or may be assassin organization, which I guess have to find solution too. Whatever, all that for later, for now, let's find suitable body for takeover or you can Soul Hack. Hehe!! Never mind.

[Ankit Raj: System, create a task to distinguish the best cultivation body for Soul Hack and gather information from candidate among the Influential group, list out possible candidates, their behavior, background history and so forth, remember to be discreet, got it?]

[System: Yes, host]

[System: 2 Tasks - Find the list of best cultivation body and Find the candidate with required body from influential group initiated.]

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    《Self-Created System》