Roommate war
2 Our first figh
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Roommate war
Author :Zoebug323
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2 Our first figh

When I got into the room, I remembered that they had said that I would be sharing a room with two guys. I couldn't remember their names but I do know that I had never met them. I took a deep breath when I saw that neither one was here. Suddenly I felt someone step on my ankle, I fell and next thing I knew a guy was looking down at me saying sorry and asking if i was alright. Naturally I said I was okay even though my foot was killing me I held back my tears and when I was helped up I fell again. That's when I knew something was wrong. I immediately told him to get the nurse. I carefully crawled to the couch and waited. What was taking him so long it was the first time we'd met and he'd hurt me. He walked in with the nurse who immediately ran to me and asked what happened. I explained what had happed and she said I had sprained my foot. When she left the guy came up to me and said "Im really sorry about that my name is Cody wanna be friends?" I answered with a quick "It's okay and sure let's be friends!" He looked at me and asked "So what's your name?" I laughed stupidly and said "my name is Asuna, nice to meet you!" I held my hand out waiting for him to shake it but just high fived me instead. I felt so awkward when the other guy walked in with a confused look on his face and asked "what happened here?"

"I sprained her foot" Cody said embarrassed.

"Hi I'm Asuna nice to meet you!" I exclaimed without thinking.
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"My name is Nathan nice to meet you." He sounded confused. He started saying mean stuff like "way to go dude you sprained her foot" and "good job now she'll hate you" I asked weirdly "D-do you to know each other?" They looked at each other then at me over and over again and then started fighting for know reason. I was thinking "Oh god what did I ever do to deserve this?"


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