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Re:Alchemist - A Story of Certain Foolish
Author :reinz08
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Death ― a thing that must have happened to every living thing ― is a phenomenon in which spirits or souls are separated from their bodies forever.

The separate spirit or soul, will go to the afterlife to be selected, sent to where they are next, Heaven or Hell.

However, there is a phenomenon where the spirit or soul will not go to the afterlife. This phenomenon is called reincarnation. Never before has science been able to explain the phenomenon of reincarnation, not even one person knows whether reincarnation is true, because reincarnation only occurs in mere works of fiction.

But in the depths of my heart, I believe that reincarnation really exists, really happened.

Maybe you won't believe it, if I say 'I've experienced reincarnation'. But I still believe that I have experienced it.

The incident still remembered clearly in my memory. My body lay on the side of the sidewalk covered in blood. My whole body is numb. The iron plate from the body of the car stuck in one part of my body. Right, I'm a victim of a traffic accident. An accident that almost claimed the lives of my two best friends.

Knowing that I'm going to 'die', makes me remember my dreams, hopes, and dreams that have not been achieved during my life. Even I still have time to remember about the strange whispers that I've always heard all this time.

Reincarnation. At first I didn't believe that. Even I consider this to be a mere joke. But now, I hope that reincarnation really happens. @@


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