Path of the Dual Cultivation
9 Second meeting!
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Path of the Dual Cultivation
Author :Khansaab
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9 Second meeting!

After the library meeting: He came back to his home with jubilant mood but he himself didn't know why he was in a good mood today, maybe it was because he was able to talk to most beautiful girl in his school.

His mom wasn't home yet, so he started to meditate on his cultivation with his cultivation Art and after two hours of hard work, he felt an amazing flow of power; so he checked the energy inside his meridians and he was shocked to see that lizards have evolved and golden light was swirling around them.

then he checked his status, as status window shows up:


Talent- Yellow

Cultivation Art - Divine Dragon Dual Cultivation Art

Divine energy- 500/600

Cultivation Rank - 5

Name - Sahil Alva

Strength - 18

Agility - 20

Speed - 17

Wisdom - 15


arousal scent (Rank 1 ): it can attract any female because of its scent and arouse them if you have any intention to arouse them.

Heavenly Touch ( Rank 1 ): it can be used by your hands, tongue and any part of the body. The more you use, the more skilled it becomes.

Devour (Rank 0): It can devour anything and refine it into the divine energy and if the skill rank is high then the quality of the refined energy would be better, and it will take less time in refining.

"Woah! I advanced again and my cultivation art is also evolved and I got that amazing skill, it's name is so cool, so I guess it won't be any sloppy skill but how did I advance and evolved my cultivation Art in just two hours of cultivation session. I don't understand I didn't use any resources so how did I advance"

Sahil murmured in his room with an absent mind look on his face; when he heard lust's voice from his mind.

"It has nothing to do with the resources and you were able to advance because you were in a special mental state. It might have something to do with your meeting to Adhira."

said Lust without any hint of emotion, maybe because she was Lust or maybe because she knew our bro is gonna conquer every beauty in this world anyway, so she pretended not to care, whatever was the reason we don't know.

"What do you mean something has to do with Adhira?" Sahil asked with a confused face because he really wasn't able to understand, what does that mean.

"hmm, you were really happy after meeting her and that affected your mental state and because of that, you were able to advance this fast" explained Lust in a calm voice.

"Ohh I see, I mean it has nothing to do with Adhira; I was happy because I was able to learn new things today that's it" explained Sahil with panic on his face.

"We will see it in the future," said Lust to Sahil

"What do you mean?" asked Sahil again in a confusion.

Lust replied "Do you think this was your last meeting with her, by looking at her aura you can tell her family has high status and if you want to gain some status in society, then you will definitely encounter her, she is not a simple individual" lust explained everything patiently.

Sahil again asked "What do you mean by that she is not simple"

"Have you seen sixteen years old soul refinement realm individual" Lust didn't reply but asked another question.

Sahil shook his head and instantly realise something and asked "You are saying that Adhira is at the soul refinement real but how is that possible"

Sahil got really overwhelmed by emotion because he was still at the mid-stage of the body refinement realm and he thought his speed was very decent and now he heard someone of his age is already at the soul refinement realm, the blow was really huge to man's pride.

"if I tell you accurately; at the peak stage of soul refinement realm" Lust replied as if taunting him and saying 'you want more girls then first become powerful'.

And Sahil complied with her thoughts and said "I'm going to cultivate"

and he again started to cultivate and when his mother came, he came out of his room for lunch and after lunch, he again started to cultivate. like this, his every day passed with cultivation and he constantly advances in his cultivation.

Every morning he goes to the school library for improving his knowledge about the world.

Since his first meeting with Adhira, he didn't meet her again but he didn't notice that someone was observing from distance; who would that be? can you gues?

today one month has passed since then, and like usual he was reading a book on the same table he first met Adhira; but he suddenly realised that in his opposite seat which was vacant, now someone was already sitting there.

When he saw the face of the individual, he was quite surprised because since there last meeting, it's been one month and he didn't expect that he will be able to meet her today.

She was also looking at his face with a cute look on her face, pink hairband, and blue dress, she looks devastatingly beautiful and everyone in the library was peeking at her with there corner of eyes.

"Hii how are you?" Sahil said with a slight smile on his face.

"I thought you wouldn't notice me" Adhira didn't reply but asked back with the hint of teasing; which looks like the chirping of birds in the early morning.

"How can that be, who wouldn't notice such a gorgeous lady would be blind" Sahil reply hastily.

"Are you complimenting me or trying to flirt with me?" Adhira asked with her usually smiling face which looks totally gorgeous.

"Both I guess" replied Sahil while looking straight in her eyes.

Adhira looked at his face and smiled and said " if you are able to enter the 'S' Class of the 'National College of System Evolution'; then I will give you a chance to date me" said Adhira and walked away without any delay.

Sahil was surprised but then smiled and said "Interesting"

and walked out of the library as well.


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