Path of the Dual Cultivation
8 First Meeting!
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Path of the Dual Cultivation
Author :Khansaab
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8 First Meeting!

After having his breakfast, Sahil walked towards his school and when he reached the gate of the school, he didn't see his best friend like always, he was slightly hurt but he knew this is the world where power rules. So, he conceals his emotions walked through the gate and enter the school.

He didn't walk towards his class but towards the library, because he knew, he won't learn anything in class, so he walked towards the library.

After showing his library card to the librarian, he walked towards the bookshelf and started to browse through them. After searching for 10 minutes his glance landed on a book which attracted his gaze and the title of the book was 'Earth After the Evolution'.

He picked up the book and after searching for a while, he saw an empty seat but on the opposite side of that seat was sitting a gorgeous girl, with a short haircut, medium size boobs, amazing round ass, no one can say no to that pretty face but there was one problem, she was totally antisocial.

He knew this thing because a girl was his classmate and her name was Adhira (which means 'moon') but he didn't know her surname and the strange thing was that she didn't attend the awakening ceremony but he didn't want to stick his nose in other people's business, so he didn't dwell on it and walked towards the seat.

After he came in front of the seat he asked the girl "Hey, I'm Sahil Alva, can I sit here".

After hearing his voice everyone turned towards him, some gave him a mocking look, some gave a strange look, and some were staring at him angrily but he didn't care about those people and just glance at the beauty in front of him.

well, she was the dream girl of the whole schoolboys but because of her background, no one dares to go close to her.

" Adhira, please have a seat," Adhira said and again started to read her book without any further, comment.

Sahil settled down on the seat and started reading his book but the library wasn't the same as before because everyone was staring at him with extreme jealousy but he continued to read his book.

What he learned from the book was the story like the fairy tales, it was the story of the dimensional creatures, Asuras which came from the patala (hell), Gandharva (it is the spirit which was born by nature), nagas (worshipers of shiva) and many more.

All these things appeared after the evolution happened and there are also some secret dimensions, which were also appeared but those dimensions are really dangerous that's why only powerful people search for the remains of the ancient myths.

He was totally focused on the book and didn't even care about his surroundings and everyone was giving him a look as if looking at the stupid and Adhira was also looking him with strange gaze because no one ignored her like this ever before.

Everyone thought he was hitting at her, and Adhira as well had the same thought but he totally ignored her and was reading a book, then she took out her mirror and watched her face as if searching for something on her face but she only saw a perfect face nothing more nothing less.

She was confused and was wondering what type of book it was that can make him ignore her and her curiosity picked up, then she slightly leaned down and try to see the cover of the book, and after some hard work, she was able to see the cover.

After seeing it, she really got mad but wasn't able to say anything, because the book has the only basic information about the world which was known by everyone but now he was ignoring sexy hot babe like her for this crappy book.

But she held her irritation and suggested "If you really want to read about the world then you should go and read about the countries separately, then you should be able to read different types of species and you will be able to read about some dangerous areas"

Adhira explained in a very refined way which seems like a story anyone would be lost in her big black eyes and of course, our hero did as well. After half a minute of staring at her, he was able to collect his thoughts and became embarrassed, which made the girl smile proudly and her smile was like a rain of the flowers.

Sahil again lost in her smile and after coughing some times he said " Oh thanks for the recommendation but how did you know I was reading 'Earth after the Evolution' because I was tilting it towards the ground"

Adhira's face instantly became pink from embarrassment after remembering her previous action and muttered in her mind 'do you really have to be so observant'

then Adhira replied, "does it matter how I know and anyway I can recognise any book in this library by just a glance".

Sahil instantly became excited and said "So can you get me to get the book you were talking about, this library is really messed up and I don't know where that book is with your help, I will be able to find it really fast"

Adhira instantly replied"no no I can't help you"

because she didn't know where that book was and if Sahil was able to find the book first then that would really be embarrassing.

Sahil asked in a confused manner "Why not"

Adhira realise her way of replying was not appropriate so she again said "I mean, I need to go somewhere, so I can't help you, sorry"

then she instantly walked away through the library gate but then Sahil realise the problem and mutter " At least tell me the name of the book"

then he also walked away in between the jealous stares.


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