Path of the Dual Cultivation
7 Divine Dragon Dual Cultivation Ar
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Path of the Dual Cultivation
Author :Khansaab
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7 Divine Dragon Dual Cultivation Ar

"Ok, I understand," said Sahil and after that he became silent, the situation became complicated because what happened the previous night, talk between them isn't gonna normal anytime soon.

Lust looked at him and said with a slightly red face "Your Cultivation Art is not just any ordinary Art, it can also be cultivated normally without doing intercourse, so it isn't any problem for now but after the first time your Cultivation Art evolves, then it won't be able to advance without intercourse. and in its first stage, Divine energy will create lizard-like creatures that will develop into majestic Divine Dragons in later stages"

"But if you want to cultivate normally as well, then you have to unlock some techniques from your cultivation Art, then you will be able to cultivate normally as well," Lust thought sometimes then said in a nonchalant voice.

"Oh, can you tell me my cultivation level, I don't know in which level I am, I heard for entering the National College of System Evolution, one must be at least at the late stage of 'Body refinement realm', I wonder that I would be able to enter" asked Sahil with very expectant voice.

Lust let out a small chuckle and said with proud voice "Heh, you are worried about entering some low-class college, even in a God Realm you will be able to enter some decent sect, after cultivating for few years in a Divine Dragon Dual Cultivation Art"

This time Sahil wasn't surprised by Lust because he knew the origin of the cultivation Art and didn't say anything. Lust continued "And about your cultivation stage, you are at the early stage of 'Body refinement realm' and if you cultivate sincerely, then you will be able to enter 'Soul refinement realm' in only a few days"

Now he understood how powerful his Cultivation Art really is because he knew that crossing the realm isn't an easy thing and some people even take a few years to advance that step and some never cross it. But now he was hearing that he can advance to 'Soul refinement realm' in a few days, it really looks like a dream to him.

Sahil asked the Lust "So now what should I do, I don't know how to cultivate"

"You just need to feel the energy inside your body, and you will be able to realise that shape of your energy inside of your body is lizard-like and then you will activate your cultivation Art and feel the flow of the energy inside of your meridians" explained Lust everything very patiently for Sahil to understand everything clearly.

"Ok now I will try to cultivate according to the cultivation Art," said Sahil excitedly and closed his eyes and started to feel the flow of divine energy inside of his body and he slowly started to activate his cultivation Art.

After fifteen minutes he started to feel the flow of energy inside of his body and realise that there are really lizard-like creatures inside of his meridians flowing and growling in a deep voice and they were also changing and purifying the blood constantly inside of his body and his talent was constantly improving.

After one hour of hard cultivation, lizards inside his meridians started to give little golden light but it was really pitiful, so it was really hard to notice and one hour of hard cultivation there wasn't any change inside of his body except that little tinge of gold.

"Sahil breakfast is ready, you also have school today so come fast" then the voice of his mother from the kitchen and he opened his eyes.

Sahil replied "Coming mom"

then he brushes really fast and washes his face, then he came out of his room and greeted his mom.

"Good morning, mom," said Sahil.

"Good morning, son" replied Noor and come out of the kitchen.

when she came to Sahil and asked in a surprising voice "You smell really nice today which perfume did you use"

Sahil was surprised by hearing his mother but then he realised that something was wrong because he really didn't use any perfume so can he give some pleasant aroma but then he recalled something and got scared and ran towards his room.

"What happened why are you going back to your room," asked Noor with a confused expression on her face.

"it's nothing mom, I just forgot something" replied Sahil in an exasperated countenance,

well, he really forgot something very important and that was his skill, arousal scent and he didn't know that it was activated all this time.

after two minutes he came from his room and started to eat his breakfast and he sat opposite side of his mom since he doesn't have that much control over his skills so, it's better safe than sorry.

"is there anything wrong son, you can tell me if you have any problem," asked Noor with a concerned face.

"It's nothing mom and everything is fine so you relax, there is nothing wrong" comforted Sahil to his mom if it was before he would have told his mother everything but now he had learnt a big secret and anyone would try to kill you for that purpose that's why he didn't tell his mom anything about it.

"Hey, mom I wanted to ask you a question in which cultivation stage you are at," asked Sahil curiously and watched his mothers face with shining eyes.

"Oh I am not that high level, I am at the peak stage of 'Soul refinement and my system type is based on life energy but I am not that high level so I can't cure big illness with my life energy," said Noor in a nonchalant voice because she has her own clinic.

this time Sahil really was surprised by his mother's reply and said excitedly "Really, I thought you would be at the most peak of the 'Body refinement realm' but you are surprised at the 'Soul refinement realm' that's really amazing"

"Naa it's nothing there are many powerful people out there and in comparison of them I am pitifully weak," said without any emotion on her face and continued to eat breakfast.

"that may be true but they also have so many resources but you were able to advance at this stage without so many resources," said Sahil with shining eyes and continued to eat his breakfast.

"Ok, it's time for your school and I also need to go to the clinic," said Noor and walked towards her room.


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