Path of the Dual Cultivation
6 Shocking Secret!
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Path of the Dual Cultivation
Author :Khansaab
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6 Shocking Secret!

Sahil closed his eyes and fallen asleep, well, your bro isn't Sex God so he doesn't have unlimited stamina. Lust was watching his sleeping face as if thinking something or maybe deciding something.

Sahil opened his eyes and realised he was in his room, it was already morning and remembered, what had happened last night and gasped in shock. It was his first time but while he was having sex with Lust, he didn't have any control over his body, he was totally controlled by his desire and wasn't able to control himself but the deed is already done, so what can he do.

He didn't know that it was the effect of Dual Cultivation Art, which he didn't even start to cultivate.

After that, he felt his body is very light like he can fly, well, that was just feeling nothing more.

"Status" Sahil called out his state window and checked his attribute.


Talent- Yellow

Cultivation Art - Dual Cultivation Art (Unnamed)

Divine energy- 100/200

Cultivation Rank - 2

Name - Sahil Alva

Strength - 13

Agility - 15

Speed - 12

Wisdom - 11


Arousal scent (Rank 0 ): it can attract any female because of its scent and arouse them.

Heavenly Touch ( Rank 0 ): it can be used by your hands, tongue and any part of the body. The more you use, the more skilled it becomes.

"My talent is Yellow Rank, What does that mean, what is divine energy and why Spirit energy isn't showing anymore?" Sahil asked with a confused face.

"Talent is the same as System Rank, System is just the numerical values of your attributes nothing more. Divine Energy is the highest type of energy and it is the combined form of all energies" Lust's voice came from inside of his mind.

"You are saying that there are different types of energies and I can use all of them hehehe" Sahil laughed excitedly but Lust poured cold water on his expectations.

"Not now, you have to train your different types of energies and make them strong, then you will be able to use different types of energies," Said Lust in a nonchalant voice.

After calming his excitement, he again asked: "How my talent is yellow ranked, shouldn't it be white rank?" After Sahil asked about his talent which has increased overnight, so he was rather curious about it.

"It's the effect of dual cultivation art, It will not only increase your cultivation but also your talent if I talk about your talent then your talent is really trash. that's why, you were able to evolve it that easily, otherwise, you won't be able to do that" she explained him gently but her tone also told him that he shouldn't be arrogant, there are many more talented people out there and they can kill him with the flip of their hands

"Oh, so it can also increase my talent, that's really good! I thought I would need lots of resources and blood of different races to evolve it" Sahil again became excited after realising it but after hearing Lust's next sentence again cooled him down.

"You mean you are ready to make your Harem"

Lust said in a teasing voice

"Well, we will talk about that later, Now tell me how you were able to become Spirit of my System and why would you do that," said Sahil in a very serious voice.

This time Lust didn't try to escape from this situation because she knew, it's going to happen sooner or later "In ancient times there was a Divine Dragon, who ruled over hundreds of thousands of races of the God Realm. But he was plotted by his own brother and died fighting over 100 Gods at that time but before he died he left his legacy that was his Cultivation Art, which is considered strongest God Art in the God Realm.

After saying this Lust waited for him to process the information and continued to explain "So everyone tried to get there hands on this Art, but no one was able to get it. After millions of years, Coincidentally I stepped into those ruins, where Divine Dragon left his legacy and by luck or my bad luck I got that Cultivation Art. But after coming from the ruins I realised that everyone knew that I have Dual Cultivation Art of Divine Dragon and they started hunting me"

Lust sighed and continued "Those who wanted this Cultivation Art were many but most powerful of them was a silver dragon, he is the brother of the Divine dragon and when I was trying to flee, he heavily injured me. And because of that attack, I lost my body and I was in my spirit form, anyone can't be in their sprit form for long, otherwise, they will turn into an evil spirit and lose their mind, that's why I needed a host to stabilise my condition"

"So, I killed your System spirit and assimilated it with me, that's why my spirit got connected to your soul"

Lust explained everything which needed to explain.

"Wait a moment you said the Silver dragon, brother of the Divine Dragon, wanted this Cultivation Art, but he is the brother of the Divine Dragon. He would have his own supreme abilities, even not comparable to the Divine Dragon. He still must be formidable. Why would he need Dual Cultivation Art of others?" Asked Sahil in an exasperated manner.

"Well, that's because even for Silver Dragon, this Cultivation Art is a supreme treasure. you know Dragons have very high yang energy inside of them and that's why they are really sexually activated race and because of some lucky encounters in his life, Divine Dragon was able to create 'Divine Dragon Dual Cultivation Art' " explained Lust very patiently.

"'Divine Dragon Dual Cultivation Art'? Is it the Name of Dual Cultivation Art?" asked Sahil with shining eyes.

"Yes, and it can provide you with the vitality of a dragon, and change your Cultivation talent and make you a supreme genius and with it, you can also upgrade talent of your women and give them any bloodline you possess and upgrade their already existing bloodline as well, but you can't take the bloodline of your women through sexual intercourse" Lust replied.

"Through sexual intercourse, you mean I can take their bloodline through other means? And before this, you said I am really weak, and didn't want to tell me anything, so now why are you telling me all these things," asked Sahil curiously because before this Lust didn't want to tell him anything, but now she told him everything, he wanted to know why.

"Yes, there are so many myths about Divine Dragon, some people say that he had many powerful bloodlines but it was because one of his abilities and he was also able to take the bloodlines from man or women, gender doesn't matter. Tell me, if he acquires bloodlines through sex, then how he got the bloodlines from the male? And for your information, he wasn't gay."

As Sahil heard her teasing voice, he wasn't able to say anything. He just sighed and shook his head and didn't ask any more question to this thug-like woman.

"Coming to your next question, it is actually quite simple. It's because even I told you, it won't change anything or harm you, on the contrary, it can become your motivation after knowing that there is another fascinating world, with powerful divine creatures, Mythical beasts and Gods" replied Lust in a nonchalant voice.


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