Path of the Dual Cultivation
5 Lust Awakening part 2 R-18
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Path of the Dual Cultivation
Author :Khansaab
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5 Lust Awakening part 2 R-18

He slowly hugged and kissed her gently. After that, he gazed towards the beautiful face of her before saying "Do you know when I first saw you, I instantly fell in love with you. That's what I thought but it can also be lust. I don't know, what that is but I just know one thing and that is, I am not letting you go from my life."

"Oh" Lust replied and this time she didn't tease him.

Sahil nervously looked at her face which looked perfect before saying "Well, I want to spend my life with you, do you wanna spend your whole life with me?"

Lust was silent for some time. After that, she gently smiled and let out a soft chuckle "My soul is already connected to you, even I wanted to go away, I won't be able to go anywhere other than you."

She leaned towards his face and started to kiss him intensely.

After some intense kissing Lust was already dripping wet between her legs and he can feel that too"I want you to take me and become yours for all eternity."

After that, one big bed appear beside them, Sahil wasn't able to understand, what's going on, how this bed appeared. Lust replied seeing his confused face replied "You can make anything you want in this world by just thinking"

"Oh," Said Sahil and instantly jumped at the bed with Lust in his arms, he started sucking her nipples before saying"I'm going to put it inside of you, are you ready?"

"Mmmm" Lust nodded her head without saying anything and seeing this cute act of her Sahil also smiled and kissed on soft lips one more time.

"mmmm..ahhh" When Sahil rubbed his long weapon at the pink entrances of Lust, she moaned.

"Put it inside me, fuck me! I want to be yours always and forever"

Lust was going crazy, he also didn't let her wait long and gently placed his thick and long little brother and rubbed few times and slowly started to enter it in her pink garden "Argh, fuck so tight!"

"Fucking hell, so painful!" she screamed in pain and some tears appeared at the corner of her eyes as well.

Seeing her tears he places his lips on hers and started kissing her and used his hand to caress her beautiful cheeks.

"You can move now," After resting for sometime Lust's soft voice came in his ears while he replied with hard thrust once again and this time he put his whole weapon inside her and broke her hymen.

"Ahhhhh..fuck! fuck so painful" Lust started to scream, and some blood as well appeared at her heavenly entrance, even if she was in her spirit form, she still feels the pain.

After laying over Lust for 5 minutes. he looked in her eyes while she looked back as well.

"Say, you want me to fuck you and I will fuck you until you are satisfied"

"No! that too embarrassing, I don't want to say that"

"Then, I will not move if you don't ask me to fuck you, let's see how long, you will be able to hold hehe" After saying he gave her evil smile and waited. After 10 minutes later, her voice resounded, she wasn't able to hold any longer.

"Argh, fuck me, I want you to fuck me until I become mess"

Sahil didn't take too long and thrusts started, which send heavenly pleasure to Lust's body.

"Pah pah pah pah"

"Pah pah pah pah"

"Pah pah pah pah"

"Ahhh ahhah mmmm ahhh fuck!" she was morning while also moving her waist with Sahil and their frequency was matching perfectly.

" harder!" screamed Lust, after hearing this Sahil started to increase his speed, well he didn't know but he was doing really well for the first-timer.

"Pah Pah Pah Pah"

"Pah Pah Pah Pah"

" just like that, fuck me! fuck me harder!" Lust continued to scream his name and anyone can count every thrust at this time because of the lewd sound of the flesh hitting.

"Pah Pah Pah....ahrrghh! I'm coming!" he groaned in ecstasy and told her that he was going to come.

"Ahhhrggh! I'm also coming let's come together" She said with her seductive voice, which sounds even more seductive at the time.

"Ahhrgghh ahhrgggg!" Both of them groaned and came together, they started panting with a satisfied expression while laid at the bed together in each other embrace while his penis was still inside Lust and was twitching.

He moved his right hand at her buttocks and gently started to caress her butt hole with thumb and Index finger, because of that Lust started to moan loudly and something hard was as well poking at her back. Well, the anaconda is again ready for action.

While he was caressing that pink button, he gently slid his finger inside her. She didn't expect something like this to be happened and her body instantly became stiff in shock "What are you DOING?"

"Well, I want to taste it as well" Sahil looked at her with a smirk on his face before saying.

"Ahhh, well, i.if you that eager then let's do it " She replied with red face and stammering voice.

Sahil came behind her and put his second finger as well inside her tight button.

"Ohhh ahh it hurts! but it feels really good! " She said while rolling her eyes upward but he didn't stop to gently massage inside the pink wall, after some time making those pink walls to relax, Sahil takes his fingers out of her Butthole, then spit on the Butthole and gently massaged it.

"Are you ready" He looked at her beautiful face, which looks like as seductive as ever.

"Hmm" She nodded her head with red tinge on her beautiful face.

Sahil put the tip of his sword at her butthole and started to tease her, which slowly relaxed her but after that, really painful sensation appeared in her butt, someone has already pierced through the forbidden boundary.

" Arhhhgghh! fuck! Can't you be more gentle? " She screamed with painful expression and cursed, after hearing he just place his mouth on hers.

"Sorry baby, are you hurt, is it painful?" Said Sahil in a concerned voice which melts all anger of Beauty.

"Of course it hurts, can't you be more gentle", She said with pitiful expression, which can melt even heart of the stone, much less his, which was already beating in double speed.

"Okay, I will be more careful next time", Said Sahil with gentle expression.

"Hmm, you can move now", She replied with her usual cute face and seeing this, he smiled and kissed her gently again.

Sahil started to move and his sword pierced through the pink walls of that pink territory.

"Pah Pah Pah Pah"

"Ahhh! it feels so fucking Amazing fuck me harder Sahil" Said Lust while her mouth was drooling and her eyes were rolling back.

The machine was really unstoppable wreaking havoc inside her Butthole nonstop and sending her to the pleasure of the seventh heaven.

"Pah Pah Pah Pah"

"Ahhh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, YESSS!"

"Pah Pah Pah Pah Pah"

"Ahhh ahhh aahhh! "

" Pah Pah Pah Pah"

"I'm going to come!"

"Yes me too, argh!"

Both of them came and laid down on the bed with a blissful expression without saying anything.


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