Path of the Dual Cultivation
4 Lust Awakening part 1 R-18
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Path of the Dual Cultivation
Author :Khansaab
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4 Lust Awakening part 1 R-18

"You just need to focus your mind and you will be able to enter" Lust didn't think much about and told him how to enter the soul world.

"Okay," he replied and started to concentrate. After a few tries, he was standing in a new place and in front of him stood was extremely seductive women.

"Long time no see, pretty boy." Lust said with her seductive voice with some teasing mixed in her it.

He didn't realise but his dual cultivation art was influencing his thinking process at this moment. His cultivation art is like a crop, which needs constant water to grow it and in his case, that water was women, but Sahil never had any contact with any women. So, the influence of the cultivation art was very deep and he wasn't able to control himself.

As the influence of cultivation art increased, Sahil started to lose his reasoning. He didn't say anything and started to walk towards the Lust with eyes full of lust. (Well Lust is here what can your bro do, he can't always suppress the desire of his little brother to come out, can he?)

"Someone is eager to taste sweet kiss again huh" Lust again teased him but she didn't realise that she is going to fall into the trap of the demon lord.

He still didn't reply and walked until he reached her, he grabbed her hand tightly. After that he leaned towards her face and sealed her mouth with his, he again tasted the sweet taste of those marvellous lips and their tongues intertwined. Sahil placed his left hand behind her nape and a right hand slid towards those amazing twin peaks. He started to enjoy her right soft boob with a gentle touch, sometimes, he will tease that amazingly tight bud at the top of the mountain and Lust will let out some pleasant moans.


After kissing for a full 10 min, he reached his hand and undress upper body of Lust. He watched those amazing kingdom destroying twine peaks for full half a min.

When she saw his gaze at her boobs, her face became red but Sahil wasn't able to see it, she instantly covered it with her confident smile "Wanna taste them"

Sahil instantly nodded few times and put his mouth on the left nipple, her moans started to resound in this silent soul world.

"mmmm....mahmmm mam"

After that, Sahil took both nipples in his mouth and started to suck both of them together.

"Aahh mmmmh!"

Lust moaned in ecstasy, she tightly held Sahil's head and pressed it against her chest. After tasting those peaks, he undresses lust completely and himself as well.

When both of them doing there deed there was something special happening in the surrounding. All the energy inside the soul realm was flowing towards Sahil and Lust and was entering in their bodies, without there knowledge or you can say without Sahil's knowledge, of course, Lust can feel the flow of Spirit energy through her body.

After some more kissing, Sahil also started to notice there was something changing in his body.

He didn't care about that change at this moment and continued sucking those pink nipples. After enjoying those mountain peaks thoroughly, he asked her "Can you use your mouth? "

She didn't reply to him but directly grabbed his 10 inches long erect little brother. Well, before his little brother was Average size but after getting Dual Cultivation Art, the size of his little brother has increased.

After grabbing his proudly standing little brother, she gave a peck on his lips, then knelt down in front of him and started to give him a handjob, after just one minute later, Lust placed her tongue, at the tip of the penis.

"Aaahhh...yes!" Sahil let out a deep groan after just being touched at his penis's tip.

"Slurp~Slurp~Slurp" she slowly put half of the penis inside her mouth and started to suck it.


"Ohhh..yes!" Sahil let out out deep groan and put his hand on her head and put his whole weapon inside her throat and then came inside her mouth, which filled her throat. She chocked and started to cough.

"Bastard! can't you be little gentle," she said with an angry expression.

"I thought you were experienced that's why I didn't hold back" Sahil strangely replied.

"Who said I am experienced in this, are you daydreaming," Said Lust with an angry face ready to pounce at the bastard at any time.

"Well, you are Lust one of the great demon of lust, it's normal to assume that you will have experience in this, I didn't think you were virgin " he might be virgin but he can totally see, she is a virgin by seeing, how she was behaving.

Lust's face became flushed red after hearing this and started shouting loudly at him "So what I'm virgin, that's my choice and that's why I'm virgin "

" Okay, okay, I understand " Sahil find hard to argue with her and there was a point that anyone would do anything for just one kiss from her, much less fuck her.

"Okay, now, my turn," he said and knelt in front of that pink heavenly garden.

He put his one finger inside her clean pink garden, which was so clean that he had the urge to eat it and he did.

After some time, he touched her labia with his tongue and started to dance his tongue over it. After playing with her labia for some time, he moved his tongue to her clitoris.

" Aahhh Yesss!"

Lust felt like an electric shock running inside her body and moaned.

He slowly teased her and tried his best to satisfy her, he was just following some of the moves, he learned from the movies, which are specially made for the...cough man of cultures.

He moved his tongue and entered it, inside her vagina and started to suck it and slowly increased his speed.

"Slurp~Slurp~Slurp" Sahil increased intensity of his sucking and her body started to tremble in ecstasy.

"Aahh fuck..fuck! ohhhh!"

It didn't take it long for Sahil's face to become wet in love juice of her and he gave her bitter smile but after that, he looked at her like looking at his prey.

"Now, is the main course time," he said with a slight smirk on his face.


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