Path of the Dual Cultivation
3 Dual Cultivation Ar
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Path of the Dual Cultivation
Author :Khansaab
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3 Dual Cultivation Ar

After coming back to his home, he saw his mom in the kitchen. After seeing her tired back, he got even more frustrated. He recalled, how hard she worked to give him a better lifestyle, as well as for his studies. Now, he Awakened the lowest grade System, it was really hard to accept for him.

After preparing lunch, 'Noor' turned towards her son and after seeing his face, She didn't ask about the ceremony. Lunch is ready, go fresh yourself"

After seeing his mother's expression, he knew, he was seen through and his heart warmed. In this Dog-Eat-Dog World, there is only one person, who will not judge you with personal benefits that one person is the mother.

"Okay." Sahil, who just arrived was standing outside while watching the tired face of his mother, he clenched his fist and responded.

After refreshing himself, he came back from his room. He didn't talk about anything and sat down on the chair. He ate his food rapidly and didn't speak a single sentence, after some time the situation became somewhat awkward.

Noor who was sitting beside him saw how her son was acting and a little sad, so she tried to soothe him "Hey, there is no need to stress yourself, mom is always beside you. So, you can share your problems with me, okay"

"I know mom, I will let you know if there is any problem," said Sahil with a slight smile

Actually, he wanted to tell his mother about his system but he himself doesn't know, what's going on with his system. That's why he restrained himself from saying anything. He knew rushing will only make things go wrong and more complicated. That's why he didn't tell his mother about Lust.

After coming back to his room, he sat down on his bed. He started checking his cultivation art, which he got from Lust. After seeing his cultivation art, he started swearing and cursing.

"Hmm? Dual cultivation? Is it that kind of cultivation art, in which man and women have to fuck each other and their strength will be improved. FUCK! I wanted some cool fighting type cultivation art and here I have some dual cultivation art, which is considered trash and evil in this fucking world."

What he got was dual cultivation art. he didn't know, it wasn't some simple dual cultivation art, where two people fuck and exchange some energy or one person devour the energy from another. This cultivation art was at the peak of all the dual cultivation arts.

After pondering for some time, he let out a long sigh. Now, it seems like he is doomed to walk 'the path of the dual cultivation Art'. It was at this moment, he heard a familiar and seductive voice again "What are you sighing for, it is one of the best cultivation art even in the higher worlds, much less on this crappy earth. After getting this super amazing cultivation art, you are making a face like you have swallowed a fly"

"What best Cultivation Art, I have heard you can increase your Cultivation really fast with dual cultivation art but it will damage your foundation and the cultivator of dual cultivation art will not be able to reach the high cultivation realm. I don't want to suck the hard-earned Cultivation of any woman. The dual cultivation arts as well-considered evil Art in this world, if someone found out about it, they will declare me as an evil cultivator. Where are you, I can't see you? Don't tell me you are shy to come in front of me after our first kiss." Sahil didn't hold back, he vents his frustration out and let out everything, which he wanted to speak for some time.

"What type of crappy dual cultivation art is that? In which, it sucked the Cultivation of others and damage the foundation of Cultivator. It's the best dual cultivation art, even in immortal words and God Worlds. Please, don't ask me about Immortal Worlds and God World, you are too weak to know that stuff. I'm unable to appear beside you because I have no spirit energy left. Only you can enter your soul world, where I am right now and in sense, I'm inside your head" Lust slowly explained every doubt that Sahil had, she tried to explain all the good expects of his dual cultivation arts, so he could understand how lucky he was by getting this amazing skill.

"So that's how it is, so how am I supposed to check my Status window," Sahil asked a different question this time, he knew nothing can be done about his Cultivation, so he left this topic for the future.

"Oh, you want to check your Status window, just say status and it will appear in front of you" Lust who was in his soul world was surprised by knowing that he wanted to check his status, if it was someone else, he would be dancing in excitement but Sahil didn't show any hint of excitement.

"Oh" Sahil replied and called out "Status"

After that, In front of his eyes window appeared, which was showing his attributes.


Cultivation Art - Dual Cultivation Art (Unnamed)

Cultivation Rank - 0 ( yet to start Cultivation)

Name - Sahil Alva

Strength - 10

Agility - 12

Speed - 10

Wisdom - 11

Spirit Energy - 0 (yet to start Cultivation)

After seeing his Status window, Sahil got disappointed. There wasn't anything special about his status, he again heard the voice of that enchanting woman" If you want to make your window special with powerful abilities and Cultivation base, you have to do some special things as well"

"Please don't ask me to fuck all the women I meet, I always wanted a single wife. Now, you are here talking about dual cultivation art like its nothing" Sahil who was sitting on his bed didn't able to hold back his frustration.

"Dual cultivation doesn't mean, you have to fuck all the women you come in contact. First, you can get to know someone you like and develop your relationship along the way. What is wrong with having more than one wife, in higher worlds, there are some people who have thousands and some even have millions of wives? You can create, your amazing harem full of beauties, isn't that exciting enough for you?" After hearing her explanation, Sahil got tempted for a while but he instantly holds himself back when he thought about women under women scene.

"Who is going to control those unruly women? You know, what will happen if they gather in one place," asked Sahil with some tears in his eyes as he knows that in present society powerful people have their own harem and several women. He knew that those women always conspire and try to take down other women to make their path straight.

"If you can't even control some women then don't say you are a man." Said Lust with teasing voice and Sahil instantly fell silent because he didn't have any words to retort her.

Sahil didn't reply but asked again "So, umm..cough how am I supposed to enter my soul world."


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