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Path of the Dual Cultivation
Author :Khansaab
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2 Lust!

"Class A David Aurora"

After saying this name Mr Sahu gave a pleasant smile to the man name David Aurora,

Who stood up and walked towards the awakening tablet and Whole hall which was silent instantly started to murmur with different kind of voices, some sounded jealous some envious and some girls were also gazing at his handsome face with love and admiration started to talk about David with there friends.

"Hey you know he is from Aurora family that superfamily"

Someone Replied "What nonsense are you saying, Who doesn't know he is from Aurora family stop making an unnecessary sound"

Another replied "Oh I guess you don't know David's Uncle is Head of the family and no one dares to antagonise him and everyone try to curry favour with him"

After hearing this response everyone stopped talking and once again gazed towards the platform and David stopped proudly in front of the tablet, and glance towards the students sitting in the hall and smiled proudly and reached his hand towards the tablet, Which started vibrating intensely and after half a minutes of vibration tablet produced blue light, Which was quite intense and instantly the whole hall exploded with different noises.

"Wooa! the blue rank system I wonder what type of system it is"

Someone else said "Don't waste your time on systems type, it is your Assistant which will give you your Cultivation Art and Assistant will decide your future path"

This talk really attracted Sahil's attention who was watching the tablet expressionlessly, Well he comes from an average family and he didn't have that much knowledge about systems, so he was really paying attention to this talk and he learnt something new.

Mr.sahu was really excited, well the Student was from his class he will get promoted for his achievements, well there was nothing he did but It was merely luck that David was in his class.

Mr.Sahu started laughing "Good Good this is genius for you hahaha!"

There were many students who were gazing at David enviously because everyone knew what is the meaning of Blue Rank System is and he will definitely going to enter the National College of System Evolution and that means great future that everyone dreams of.

Mr Sahu again assumed his stern face and begin calling new name after David got back to his seat.

"Raj Khanna" gain Mr.sahu called

Raj who was sitting beside Sahil stood up and walked towards the tablet with nervous expression and reached to the tablet

Mr Sahu said with an expressionless face "Put your hand at the centre of the Tablet"

Raj placed his nervously shivering hand at tablet and tablet started to vibrate then green colour started to flow out of the tablet.

Instantly Raj's expression became incredibly excited.

Mr.Sahu also started smiling because in his class two geniuses were born and said "Good go back to your seat"

Raj replied excitedly "Yes teacher"

and sit back beside Sahil with his excited expression

Sahil said "Congratulations"

"Thanks, Bro" said Raj

Back on the stage Mr.Sahu again started calling Names.

"Sahil Alva" Mr.Sahu Called out

Sahil instantly walked out of his seat expressionlessly and Placed his hand on the Tablet, Which instantly started vibrating and White light started coming out of it, instantly the whole hall became silent and After some silence mocking started to come from some student and some were expressionless and others were laughing.

One of the Teachers who was sitting in front of class B said with the mocking smile "Mr Sahu after creating two geniuses here comes the trash for you"

Mr.Sahu was really angry but He was really helpless to say anything.

When everyone was mocking him, Sahil has closed his eyes and he was in a different place and talking to someone really sexy, I mean really sexy woman with a voluptuous figure with oval face, Big boobs and nice round ass.

It was his first time he has seen a woman this beautiful, sexy hot babe ;-)

Sahil was really in shock and said with staggering voice "Wh.....Who a..are you".

The woman was smiling and After sometime said with the seductive voice "Hey pretty boy"

Sahil was really vigilant towards this woman and after some time he collected himself and again asked "Who are you"

"I'm lust," said the seductive woman with a mesmerising voice and After hearing this voice anyone lose his control and pace over the woman but surprisingly Sahil was holding really hard, of course, he was also going through hardest time he has ever faced in his life, Well I mean really hard time you know what I mean boys ;-)

"Who is Lust by the way" With a very difficult expression on his face he again asked.

This time woman didn't reply, she walked towards Sahil who was standing in front of the woman with the nervous-looking face

The woman came in front of him and Sahil again tries to ask "who ar...mmmm"

He tried to ask again, hut woman closed his mouth with her own and fight started between two territories, Which was actually one-sided because our Hero was still virgin, I mean kiss virgin as well Bros ( Really embarrassing isn't it :-| ).

In the start Sahil wasn't able to respond but slowly started to respond Lust, after two minutes of the sexy hot kissing scene some information started to come in his mind, which he briefly understood in which there was cultivation method which he didn't understand and there was information about Lust after understanding some brief information he gasped and said with a surprising look

"You are one of the seven sins but that's impossible Assistant can be only something which is already inside us, that's why Assistant and we the system holders are the same if we die the Assistant will die as well but sins are totally different entity's, we are not the same person how can you be my Assistant that's totally impossible"

Sahil was totally in shock Because what information he got was really shocking, after calming his mind Sahil was staring at Lust with a strange gaze.

After half a minute later Lust replied "you mean Sprit(Assistant) of the System, Oh yes I killed it and replaced myself with your Sprit, well there is a simple logic if you die Spirit will die but if Sprit die, you won't die"

This time Sahil was totally shocked and said "What! you killed my Assistant, how do I suppose to cultivate without Assistant. I can't get any Cultivation method, wai..t Cultivation method I got Cultivation method but how "

"Some other time pretty boy" Lust replied and Sahil got ejected from this strange world, who was in confusion and opened his eyes and saw tablet producing white colour and his face became instantly dull and because of that he didn't notice little gold tinge of light between white colour, Because it was really pitiful gold light no one was able to notice it.

"Okay go back to your seat, "Mr Sahu said with a strange expression, It was the only student who was White Rank in his class, of course, he will be angry at Sahil for ruining his well-built reputation.

Well, he was for quite some time in that strange world but in reality, there were only 2 minutes passed.

After coming back to his seat he gave his friend bitter smile and Raj replied strangely "Don't worry man you can still upgrade your System don't worry too much and you can start working at someplace"

Well Sahil didn't say but he saw the difference between his friend and replied "Well good luck for your college entrance exam"

After saying he walked towards the exit and walked away in between laughing and sneering.


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