Path of the Dual Cultivation
1 System Evolution
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Path of the Dual Cultivation
Author :Khansaab
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1 System Evolution

It's been 20 years since the world has totally changed; In 2050 there were huge changes happened throughout the whole world but what was that?

It was an evolution of humanity and everyone got the system, every system is different: according to the character of a person but there is a catch bro, every system has a special Assistant and that Assistant can be anything except human ( Elf, Dragon, Orcs etc) and it will provide you with your future path; what path you will walk It will decide and how can you evolve your system.

Earth India City Delhi (2070)

"Wake up you lazy turtle or You will be late for Your school"

"Ya I'm ready Mom"

Hey my name is Sahil Alva and I think I'm pretty good looking nice short haircut, face colour something between white and brown or you can say wheat colour; which suits with my handsome face and with a height of 6.8 feet and I am 16, well that's enough of my shameless bragging and today I'm going to awaken my system. well there are different types of system one can awaken and there are also ranking for powerful system and weak system, well one can evolve there system but If you awaken powerful system in comparison to the one, who awaken weak one then you are supposed to be more talented than the weak one and your speed of cultivation will be faster and so on...and It's not easy to evolve your system, I mean it's really hard :(

When one awakens there system it will produce different types of colours and it will decide if you have awakened the strong system or weak one.

White is the lowest one then Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Violet and Black. until now no one able to evolve their system through black rank but people says there are many more ranks after black rank but no one knows anything about them, well it is a story for another time.

If anyone awakens white rank system, well he will be considered trash until he evolves his system to the green rank; which is considered decent rank but evolving need resources and money which is not everyone have and evolving the system is no easy feat bro. If someone awakens yellow rank system then he/she will be considered average, If someone awakens green than he will be considered descend students with good friend circle and If someone awakens blue rank system than everyone tries to suck up to that person, Well that's a fucking society for you and If someone able to awaken red rank system, he will be considered super genius there is nothing to say, what will people do to please these type of genius.

Well here is our hero 'Sahil', do you wanna know that if he is a genius or

Sahil finished his breakfast and Said "I'm off Mom, today is Awakening Ceremony. I hope at least to awaken a Yellow rank system"

His mom said "Okay Good Luck Son"

"Bye Mom"


"National School of System Evolution"

There was aboard at the gate of the school in which school name was written and after showing his ID card, he entered.

"Hey Sahil dude are you nervous"

He had just entered the school gate when someone called his name; when he turned around he saw a guy with the average looking face and after seeing who it was, Sahil also smiled and said

"Are you trying to feel less nervous by saying that"

Raj said "Hey come on man at least you can comfort me a little"

With the bitter smile, Sahil said"Okay Okay I'm nervous happy"

Raj said "Ya Well It will decide our future path, it's normal to be little nervous"

Sahil said "Well let's go, there only 15 for left for Ceremony to Start"

Raj replied "Yea let's go"

Both of them entered the ceremony hall, after searching for their class teacher, which is not any hot babe what you thought would be but the very strict looking man who was sitting in front of Class A. After searching for seats both of them walked towards the two empty seats and sat there without any problem.

After waiting for 10 more min class in-charge of Class A whose name is Mr Sahu stood up and walked towards the platform, after stepping on the platform, he turned towards the people in the hall and said.

"As everyone knows; today is the Awakening Ceremony. After this, you will only have 6 months for your college Entrance exam to prepare and today that preparation starts: if your system is high rank, then your cultivation Arts you will get from your system will be higher rank and higher rank cultivation Art means faster cultivation speed, which will help you tremendously in your college entrance exam. so now we will start the Ceremony first".

Mr.Sahu walked towards the backside of the platform and walked after one min with a 2-meter tall tablet; which was carried by two Students and After they placed the tablet at the Centre of the Platform, they walked away.

Then Mr Sahu Said "This is the 'Awaking tablet': which was designed by one of the best formation experts, who awakened red rank Formation System and now he is one of the tops on the earth and his systems Rank is Black, so now you need to place your hands at the centre of the tablet then you will be able to awaken your System"

( Reminder for readers anyone can Awaken their system without the Tablet but It will take some more years and Probability of getting good System will be also low )

Sahil was paying very close attention to the tablet and After hearing the description of Mr Sahu whole Hall started murmuring,

Raj who was sitting beside him exclaimed and Said "Whooa! one of the Master Piece of the Headmaster of National College of System Evolution"

Sahil was surprised after hearing his friend and Asked "Headmaster of National College of System Evolution?"

Raj said "You don't know; he is one of the best in the world bro and I am aiming to enter that college and you know for entering that college you need at least Green Rank System"

"Oh good luck" Sahil said with an expressionless face

Raj replied "Thanks"

Well, Sahil knew his limitations if he wasn't able to awaken high-rank system, Then it will be useless to think about entering National College of System Evolution.

Then Mr Sahu Continued "First Name is Rohan Singh Class C"

After hearing name everyone turned towards nervous-looking boy, that boy then stood up and walked towards the platform with a nervous face.

Then he placed his hand at the centre of the tablet. and then tablet started shaking and Yellow colour was produced and After seeing this he took his hand down visibly feeling excited.

Sahu said "Not bad brat work hard"

After seeing this some sneered some were expressionless and some doesn't know what face to make.


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