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46 Author“s Words No. 7 – Ending Just to Begin Anew
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Normal in Parenthesis—The Old Will and the Dawn to All | Our World
Author :AkaGin
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46 Author“s Words No. 7 – Ending Just to Begin Anew


This will be the last time, so hello. AkaGin here for one last time to talk about NoFutsuu. In just a few minutes after this is being written, I will be marking this novel as Completed. Which means, no more updates as the main story ended a month ago.

I don't know how many times I will be saying this, but thank you all. I hear your words, and I try to improve my short sticks. One thing I have learned (and one thing that 2017 me should learn) is that I was a boring writer. It's pretty evident with your feedback that the beginning of Normal in Parenthesis lacked life. It was dull and boring with just the point of view of the character. I will admit to myself: I was unable to show substance. At the time I was starting to write, I know barely nothing about writing literary pieces like this. Part of it was my naivety, but I hope that I improved my writing over the course of NoFutsuu. But then, I still somehow got readers and got featured for who knows how did that happen. It made me happy that I got readers. And for those that is reading until here, I am very grateful.

So yes, I have said it and I have planned this to be. The story is continuing. Just in a different title. Part of the reason for that is because I need to breathe a new air after my great wave of stress. And actually, after I marked this Completed, the new novel will "initially" begin right off the bat.

I had to come back to the No.6 just to check if I revealed the title. It turns out I did not. So…

"Rainbow of the Horizon" will be the sequel to this. You can also call it NijiHo as its abbreviation.

What will it contain? A direct continuation to NoFutsuu. I just can't leave the story full of holes. More explanation will come to the novel once I publish its first Author's Words, which will probably be tomorrow (by the time I am writing this). I do believe that it will make some clearances and explanations, which has some similarities to the making of this novel.

And shameless as it is, I will be putting the link to the sequel in the bottom of the synopsis. It's just that I don't know if it will be recognized as a link. Well, you can search it too. The cover has bamboos in it and two people's backs.

But if you wish to continue to the story, I will highly suggest you to read it. I promise that it won't be as short as this, and I hope that it will be better.

With all that being said, I think it's time to give NoFutsuu it's total completion.
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Thank you all.

This is AkaGin, ending Normal in Parenthesis.

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    《Normal in Parenthesis—The Old Will and the Dawn to All | Our World》