Myths Galore
13 13. The Sun Tribe Part I
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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13 13. The Sun Tribe Part I

Just one Frost Bat and one Berserk Bunny later, he was bathed in a white beam of light. Level 8! Rajas realised that he had not checked his Stat window for a long time now. That was the only reason he was so surprised when he became level 8 without even realising it.


Level 8 (28/64000)


HP 127

Mana : 55

STR - 32

VIT - 10

AGI - 32(+1)

INT - 11

WIS - 13

Hidden Stats

CON - 2/10

END - 1

DEX - 1


Beginner Fist Mastery


Basic Archery (III)

~ Keen Sight

~ Evasion

~ Power Shot (Tier 0)

_Four Skills and one Mastery other than my class exclusive, Not bad Rajas_

I closed the Status Window. Life Professions have separate windows. But as I knew only one skill was available, Herbalism I didn't bother with it. I was once again out of hunting places. I could try grinding here, but one quick calculation and I realised I would have to kill 244 Frost Bats before I leveled up. That number seemed enormous to me who was unfamiliar with concept of monotonous grinding for level. So I decided to change places.


To the North east of Murky Forest, there were ruins of a great Sun Dial. There used to be a Sun temple on the scale of Great Pyramid of Giza near the Sun Dial. This map was called Ruins of Sun Tribe. Rajas reached the Ruins in hopes of finding a good spot for leveling up.

There was a huge arched gate leading to the Sun Dial and the Sun Temple behind it. Near the arched gate, on a broken piece of sandstone sat an old lady. Wrinkles covered her skin belying her age. She looked frail, the kind that would keel over at any moment. She pointed towards her throat and barely rasped out one word...


Seems she was thirsty for a long time. I offered her the leather skin water bag I carried with me. In Myths Galore food and water were not necessities. But I needed water to make Herbal decoction. Hence I had invested 20 coppers and bought a water bag in Village before coming. She gulped down all the water in the water bag. She held it in front of me and said "More... Please..."

I didn't have any more water. I was about to say so when she pointed towards the pocket I kept Holy Spirit Water and said " One... Drop..."

I was hesitant but I still gave her a drop of Holy spirit water.

As soon as she ingested the drop of water, she started to fade and turn into speckles of light. I was taken aback and retreated a few steps. The speckles of light came together and formed a translucent image of a youthful woman. She resembled the old lady quite a bit. Without saying a word, she brought her hands close and then drew them apart quickly.

The surroundings changed and the Lady and my body were nowhere to be seen. Instead there were hundred of people surrounding the Sun temple. They were on their knees their heads were bowed and their hands were raised to the sky. I turned my attention towards the Sun temple. Even though it was Pyramidal in shape, its top was flat. A Priest wearing ceremonial clothing which consisted of loose golden hemmed gown was ascending the steep stairs of the Pyramid. He would take support of the staff held in his left hand occasionally. The moment he stepped onto the platform at top was the moment Sun reached the zenith. A Ray of light fell on the translucent orange stone at the top of the staff and an image of Jaguar emerged from it. It was alive.

Its glossy black fur shone under the sunlight. Its emerald eyes scanned his surroundings. It pounced down from platform and circled around in the crowd. It finally stopped before a youth who dared to raise his head and look at the Jaguar. The Crowd cheered and stood up. The Jaguar and the youth returned to the platform on top of the pyramid.

"Let the challenge Commence."

The Priest raised his staff and said out loud.

The Jaguar immediately pounced on the youth. He who was about 170 cm tall and built well for a guy in his prime, took the Jaguar head on. Strength of Man was no match for strength of animal. And yet, the young lad held his ground not budging an inch after the impact force wore of. Ripped copper brown muscles shone in sunlight as they matched the Jaguar's glossy black fur. Jaguar's both front paws were held in iron grip of youths each hand. Their faces dangerously close. The jaguar growled and bared his teeth. The Youth replied in same way. Both were trying to establish their dominance.

With his half body suspended in air, Jaguar couldn't muster any force except that from his neck above trying to bite the youth. The guy cunningly avoided each attempt while retaliating with a headbutt of his own under the Jaguars jaws. Jaguar grew even more frantic and in his struggle gave the youth the opening he was looking for.

With quick twist, the young man put his arm around the neck of Jaguar putting him in choke hold. The young man was riding on the Jaguar's back with his legs locked around the abdomen of Jaguar. When it seemed the Jaguar might try to run around and shake him off, the young man tightened both the choke hold and the leg lock and then jerked his body to his left. Jaguars momentum faltered and he stumbled but that was all. He soon regained his balance and once again tried to make a run for it. Once again the young man jerked his body towards left and as soon as jaguar stumbled he once again jerked to left. This time the jaguar crashed to ground. It was already a little dizzy from the choke hold but not enough to faint. But falling on ground was the end for it. Youth changed positions and pinned his both front claws to the ground. With one hand pressing the head he broke one of the nails from the claws of Jaguar.

As soon as the nail broke Jaguars body turned to light and the light entered the nail. The exhausted Young man picked up the nail and stood up. The only sound during the duration of fight was the soft sound of wind whistling, the thumps of bodies colliding and the guttural grunts of exertion of utmost strength.

The silence was broken as the crowd cheered.

" The Sun God has chosen. Kirin Berah has subdued the spirit of jaguar. May the Sun God bless him and our tribe."

" All hail Sun God!"

" All hail leader Berah!"

The cheers continued for a moment. And then the scene changed.

The youth from before had turned into a man now. A stubble of beard and thick moustache grew on his face. He had the dignity of a King. Tied around his neck was the Claw he had broken from the paws of Jaguar. His upper body was bare and he wore a leopard hide cape. His lower body was also covered with some coarse clothe skirt. A head gear adorned with red feathers sat on his left lap. He was sitting on the lowest stair of the Sun Temple. Before him stood three hunched figures. They were covered in black cloaks and had crude staff in their hands. The witch hats on their heads gave away their identity as witches.

" He he he... Sacrifice a maiden to us and your tribe will live."

" He he he... Worship us and your tribe will prosper."

"He he he... Anger us and watch your tribe become soulless puppets. "

The three witches said in tandem. Every time they laughed, sinister chill crept down the back of my body. I was sure the Tribe leader felt the same. Berah certainly didn't show any hint of fear though. He calmly put aside his headgear and merged with Jaguar Spirit. His head turned like that of a jaguar. Ears grew on top of his head and his moustache turned into whiskers. His brown eyes changed color and became emerald green. Sharp claws grew on his hands.

Seeing their leader transform, other warriors of Sun tribe also transformed into their half beast forms. This was the way of their leader; No diplomacy, just attack.

"He.. He.. He.. Hee"

The three sinister laughs echoed. Witches turned into dark mist and disappeared. But left behind a warning on the ground.

'You will regret this day'


A day after the incident with witches:

Under the vast blue sky, surrounded by the lush green forest was the field of Sun tribe. Ears of Maize, ripe for harvest, swayed with the winds.

*Crack*Crack*Crack* *Buzz*Buzz*Buzz*

Loud snapping noises followed by muffled buzz came from northern side of field. The sun tribe worker who was harvesting in the field raised his head and looked in the direction the noise came from. Black dots blotted the sky. As they approached, the worker recognized them for what they were, locusts, a swarm of locusts. In blink of an eye they were in the field. Standing crops were devoured in minutes. The worker in field stood stunned. His hard work of a year was going to be wasted. A Locust found its way to the body of the worker. It took a bite drawing blood.


With one slap the locust was dead. But few more locusts came to take its place. Soon whole body of worker was covered with locusts. With a blood curdling scream he fell. When locusts moved away a few minutes later all that was left of him were yellowish white bones on a blood stained ground.

The scream had drawn attention of all the workers in the field. When they saw the worker fall to the swarm of locusts, they quickly gathered what few corn cobs they could collect and ran out of the field, towards their settlement. As soon as Leader Berah received the news, he sent Sun Priests to contain the Locust infestation. Sun Priests were Fire magicians. They could do massive damage to locusts but in process they would also burn the fields. But it could not be helped. As the sun set, Locust swarm retreated. Witch Sisters once again appeared before Berah.



Two words exchanged but it was a declaration of war. Everyday Locusts attacked the fields. The Sun Priests would repel them. The cycle continued until only small field was left unaffected. The Granaries were running out of grain. At this moment of crisis Berah took a bold decision. He decided to move the tribe to the outskirts of Human Empire till this calamity passed. They could abandon their home but not their beliefs. And the very next day, they set out at the crack of dawn. Sun priests were left behind to guard their retreat and were also tasked with protection of the Sun temple. They were assured that their families would return.

They saw the cycle of dawn and dusk countless times. But they held onto the hope that their families would return. But the hope was getting dimmer and dimmer. Then one day as the sun was chased out of sky by the moon, the witches appeared before the Chief priest when he was alone. But this time they were in the disguise of his family. He who had not seen his family for such long time, let down his guard completely. He was fed lies of how Sun God had abandoned their tribe by his wife. His children complained of unjust treatment they received in name of Sun God from the Leader of tribe. His faith which was unshakable for years, wavered for the first time. He didn't even consider why his family was not greeted by the Sun Priest who came to call him for dinner. Such powerful manipulation of mind. Similar incidents happened with all the Sun Priests that night. It continued for a week. And then the witches appeared once more. A single word was uttered.


And all the Sun Priests knelt. They abandoned their faith and became abjurers.

The Cut scene ended. Rajas was once again near the arched gate. The soul of lady was still floating before me.

" Save... Their... Souls"

And she started to fade away. The sweet chime of system rang.

{Quest Alert: You have triggered the quest 'Misguided Souls'}

Quest Grade: A

Quest Objective: 1) Find the Staff of Kirin Haus

2) Kill the abjurers and purify the souls of abjurers who were corrupted by the Witch Sisters. (0/30)

Quest Reward: Dependent on completion.

This was the first time a quest with grade had appeared. According to Sarvesh, only the quests which were necessary for advancing the storyline of Game were given a grade. So in a nutshell this was a quest with high difficulty and similarly high rewards.

After having the quest forced on me, I finally entered premises of the present day Sun temple. Once clear area was now filled with shrubbery. The Pyramid had become house to many creepers. The damp environment allowed mosses and mushrooms to thrive in every place with shade. At the top of Pyramid was the Ceremonial Altar which housed the Staff of Kirin Hau. As it was listed as first quest objective, I decided to retrieve it first. I made my way through the creepers and ascended the mossy steps.

*Hiss* *Swish*

Just from the left of my body I heard a hissing sound and before I could check the source of noise a Green Viper struck my left leg.


{You have been poisoned}

- 3

I quickly gulped the antidote I now could afford, and punched with my bare hands.

- 5

The attacks momentum was nullified by the Viper's small flexible body.

Even though it didn't do much of damage, it did knock it back giving me time to equip my Shadow Claws. I slashed twice, once with my each hand.

- 25

- 23

More than 25% of its health had depleted. I realised this was the Lucky Monster of this map!

_Had I used up all my luck in these past two days?_

I shouldn't have day dreamed. As the monster once again bit my foot, poisoned me and fled into the thick cover of creepers. It was impossible to lure it out unless I had an AoE attack that could target the whole patch. It was just like the old people say; God gives nuts but he doesn't crack them. I was given a nut but I couldn't crack it.


Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I just had to suck it up. I reached the platform at the summit and there it was the Staff of Kirin Hau. I reached forward and took the staff in my hand. It was nothing fancy. 1.5 meters long, it was made up of intertwined wood. At the top an orb of fist size was embedded. Fiery orange threads of mist swirled in the orb. As soon as I picked it up I had a sense of crisis. I had a feeling that this Staff was not to be taken away from here. But it was a quest objective. I was conflicted. Finally I picked up Staff and checked it with Keen Sight.

Staff of Kirin Hau - Quest Item

The staff is representative of the Sun God's will. The wielder of staff gets the authority to choose the next Tribe Leader.

I quickly picked it up. From the top of the Pyramid I could scan the surrounding area. I could see Abjurers wandering near the Sun dial like mindless soul. Each one was alone and inattentive of its surroundings.

Easy Targets I decided and descended the stairs.


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